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Pokémon Go souvenir guide

Learn how to earn a Pokémon Go souvenir with your buddy, so you can complete tasks and level up. It’s a long road, so get started with our full guide.

Pokémon Go souvenir: Promotional art shows a trainer in a field with several other Pokémon

There’s so much to do in Pokémon Go, and as you progress you uncover even more layers as you climb the ranks. If you are trying to complete tasks or level up, you may have come across the Pokémon Go souvenir and are wondering how it works. Well, we’re putting everything you need in one guide, so you can put your buddy to work today.

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Let’s dive into our Pokémon Go souvenir guide.

Pokémon Go souvenir: key art shows all of the different Pokémon Go souvenir collectables

What are Pokémon Go souvenirs?

Pokémon Go souvenirs are gifts that your buddy can bring you after reaching certain requirements. These souvenirs are entirely cosmetic, as they have no function in the game outside of bragging rights.

Every Pokémon Go souvenir

Souvenir Description
Beach glass Many trainers like to carry a piece of beach glass like this as a lucky charm. Knowing this, some Pokémon like to collect pieces as gifts for their favorite trainers.
Cactus fruit A cactus fruit that bears some resemblance to fruit commonly found in the Desert Resort in the Unova region. A fun gift from a loving Pokémon.
Chalky stone A small, whitish stone picked up at the edge of the road. Your buddy thought you’d like it!
Flower fruits These fruits can’t be eaten, but some Pokémon enjoy collecting them regardless.
Lone earring A lone earring. Its sparkle probably inspired your buddy Pokémon to gift it to you!
Marble A marble with colored glass inside. Your buddy was probably drawn to its intricate pattern
Mushroom Mushrooms similar to these tend to grow on mushroom Pokemon, such as Paras. Some Pokémon enjoy collecting these as gifts for their trainers. (Don’t eat them, though.)
Pretty leaf Many Pokémon like to collect these pretty leaves and gift them to their favorite trainers.
Skipping stone A smooth stone that is the perfect shape for skipping on water. It appears to be a sentimental keepsake from your buddy!
Small bouquet A small bouquet that was made with heart and soul for a single trainer. It made your buddy think of you!
Snowy pinecone A hefty pinecone that amuses some Pokémon. A surprisingly thoughtful gift from a friendly Pokémon.
Stretchy spring A thin, small spring that’s totally stretched out.
Torn ticket A ticket, torn from use and with faded text. Your buddy probably just thought it was neat!
Tropical flower This tropical flower looks similar to those found in the Alola region. Some Pokémon love to collect flowers!
Tropical shell A beautiful white shell that may have drifted from a sea in a warm region. Your buddy was probably drawn to its beauty!
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How do I earn a Pokémon Go souvenir?

The only way for your Pokémon to bring you a Pokémon Go souvenir is if they’re an ultra buddy. Getting this level of friendship requires a lot of work, but we’re breaking it down into these easy-to-follow steps:

  • Reach trainer level two to unlock the buddy feature
  • Choose a Pokémon to be your buddy
  • Interact with your buddy to enter adventure mode, so it appears on the map
  • Get your Pokémon excited, either by feeding a poffin or completing buddy tasks
  • Complete as many daily buddy tasks as possible to earn hearts
  • Repeat this and play with your buddy every day to increase it’s friendship level
  • Eventually, after reaching 150 hearts upgrade your buddy Pokémon to an Ultra Buddy
  • When your Pokémon is an Ultra Buddy and in adventure mode, it has a random chance of bringing you a souvenir

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