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Pokémon Unite Decidueye build, moveset, and items

Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite's Decidueye, follow this guide and create your very own Robin Hoot

Pokémon Unite's Decidueye in front of the arena

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA that tasks you and four teammates with working together as one. Trust us. There’s no way you’re claiming victory in this game without some semblance of teamwork. Unfortunately, lone wolves tend to lead to losses, so, yeah, don’t be that trainer. You get the option of taking part in regular matches, or you can try your hand at some ranked competition. Either way, you’re going to need a trusty Pokémon, and there are many to choose from across multiple generations.

With our Pokémon Unite Decidueye build guide, we aim to inform you on what its best abilities are so that you can learn how to play Decidueye in Pokémon Unite. We also go into detail on what the best battle item is to give it, as well as which held items can help you to cause mass devastation on the battlefield. Trust us, just follow this guide, and you can have your very own Robin Hoot.

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Pokémon Unite Decidueye abilities

Decidueye is a reliable ranged attacker, and it’s best used in the jungle lane, though it’s also a fine choice for the bottom lane. If you want to go to the top lane, you can, but perhaps you should take a friend with you. The great thing about this birdie is that it boasts impressive attack speeds, can lend support to its allies, and is capable of being a one Pokémon army. However, do bear in mind that its health pool isn’t as large as other attackers.

Decidueye shooting a Snorlax

Pokémon Unite Decidueye passive ability

Move name Move type Description
Long reach Passive Inflicts extra to Pokémon from a distance

Pokémon Unite Decidueye early game abilities

In the early going, you have two options as to how you approach the match. The first move, leafage, not only deals physical damage to your foes, but it also boosts Decidueye’s attack damage and speed for a short time. On the flip side, you can choose to equip astonish which deals physical damage, and lowers the opposition’s movement speed. We tend to go with the former option, as it’s an area attack that can hit multiple foes.

Move name Move type Cooldown description
Leafage Area Eight seconds Decidueye launches a barrage of leaves in a single direction, harming any opposing Pokémon caught in the crosshairs
Astonish Sure hit Eight seconds Decidueye hits a single opponent, causing damage and slowing them down

Pokémon Unite Decidueye mid-game abilities

At level seven, you can select a new ability. Your options are between razor leaf and spirit shackle. Honestly, these are both fine moves that can aid you on the battlefield. Nonetheless, we enjoy hurting the enemy, and striking from afar, out of their reach, is very appealing. Therefore, we opt for spirit shackle, it also happens to have a slightly lower recharge time, and we like being able to attack the opposition as frequently as possible..

Move name Move type Cooldown description
Razor leaf Buff Ten seconds Decidueye shoots out whirling razor leaves that cause physical damage on Pokémon caught in the breeze. It also gives your Robin Hoot a boost to its attack and speed
Spirit shackle Ranged Nine seconds You have the option to charge this move, though this does cause Decidueye to move slower. It fires quills from a distance, with a longer charge causing more damage. Oh, and it chuckles your foes shadow to the floor, and should they get too far away from it, extra damage is inflicted

Pokémon Unite Decidueye late game abilities

By this point Decidueye should be causing all sorts of problems on the battlefield, and it’s only going to get more fun from here. For you and Decidueye that is, the opposing team are probably getting fed up with pulling arrows out their butts. Again, you face a choice, except this one involves you deciding whether your want to injure the many, outweighs hurting the few. Essentially, you can pick leaf storm which has the potential to punish multiple Pokémon, while shadow sneak focuses on one. We tend to go with the former, there’s enough pain to go around.

Move name Move type Cooldown Description
Leaf storm Ranged Eight second Decidueye calls in a hurricane of pointy leaves, hurting any Pokémon caught in the green storm. It also throws the enemies it hits, and slows them down
Shadow sneak Sure hit twelve seconds Decidueye summons a shadow, enabling it to take hold of a single Pokémon in the area. Not only does this cause damage, but it also decreases your opponents defence, and movement speed

Pokémon Unite Decidueye late game abilities end game abilities

Decidueye’s unite move is quite devastating, and is sure to be a match changer if you use it correctly. The owl picks a direction, shooting a barrage of arrows that shreds through any Pokémon unfortunate enough to be standing there. Oh, and if your enemy’s health is low, this attack causes even more damage, and is sure to finish them off.

Move name Move type Cooldown Description
Nock nock Ranged Percent based Decidueye fires arrows in a single direction, finishing it off with one large arrow that harms all Pokémon it hits

Decidueye looking rather annoyed

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Decidueye?

Health and damage, these are two focal points for creatinng a strong Decidueye build, and held items can do just that. You can hold three of these –  if you want to know more about these magical objects, head over to our Pokémon Unite held items guide.

  • Focus band

Quick, Decidueye, focus! We suggest equipping the bird with this item for one simple reason, its squishy, and the focus band recovers HP when your health is low. It could save your life, so consider equipping this one.

  • Muscle band

This is the perfect item to give a boost to attack damage, and given Decidueye is an attacker, that’s quite an important stat.

  • Shell bell

Who doesn’t like using abilities as frequently as they can? It makes you that much more deadly on the battlefield and has the potential to get you out of some sticky situations. The shell bell not only increases the speed at which your moves cool down, but it also increases special attack power and partially heals you after each use – who needs support when you can support yourself.

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Decidueye?

You can equip one battle item, so we suggest giving it some thought as it might save your life. Well, it might keep you going for an extra few seconds, but hey, every second counts in a MOBA. We do have one solid suggestion that’s beneficial to most Pokémon Unite competitors, regardless of which role they fit.

  • Eject button

When the going gets tough, you get the hell out of there at the push of a button. Live today, don’t fight tomorrow – let someone else do it. Seriously, this item is handy for getting you out of sticky situations and into a safer area of the map.

Who does Pokémon Unite’s Decidueye work well with?

  • Snorlax

Snorlax is a damage sponge, and can take some of the heat off Decidueye. Not only that, but sleepy head can also provide disables, hindering the opposition.

  • Eldegoss

Little Rowlet isn’t quite as strong as its final evolution, so sticking close to a Pokémon that can heal is a good idea.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite’s Decidueye. If you’re after something new to play, head over to our best Switch RPGs and best mobile RPGs lists.