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Poppy Playtime factory - lore and appearances

Our Poppy Playtime factory guide has everything you need to outrun Mommy Long Legs and keep Boxy Boo from frightening your socks off.

Screenshot of the Poppy Playtime factory with its vibrant colours from the title screen

If you’re trying to get away from Huggy Wuggy and his terrifying pals, you’re going to need to get to know the Poppy Playtime factory. As one of two maps from Project: Playtime, and the spiritual home of the Playtime Co, it’s one of the most important buildings in the series. Yet, so much mystery surrounds this myriad of machinery and maddening toys. So, we’ve put together a guide detailing everything we know about the factory. Just keep in mind, there are spoilers ahead.

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What is the Poppy Playtime factory?

As well as playing host to a tonne of terrifying toys, the Poppy Playtime factory is also the spiritual home of the Playtime Co. organisation. The colourful factory is also the first thing you see on opening Poppy Playtime, acting as the title screen. Still, the outside of the factory isn’t as interesting as what awaits inside.

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We assume that the company opened the Poppy Playtime factory in the 1930s, with its founding date in the first year of the decade. For the next sixty years, it would serve as the base of operations for Playtime Co., both in terms of toy-making operations and Elliot Ludwig’s research into poppy gel that materialises in the creation of the sentient monster toys that live in the factory.

During the gameplay of Poppy Playtime and Project Playtime, the factory is no longer in use, having closed in 1995 due to the deaths of workers and dark rumours spreading about monsters in the building. So, when you happen across the factory in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, it’s an empty building besides the nightmare creations left behind.

Is there a Poppy Playtime factory map?

Unfortunately, as the factory changes slightly between different versions of the game, and you can only access certain sections, there isn’t a full Poppy Playtime factory map. The closest we could find to an official map is a fan-made Minecraft recreation, so if you’re desperate to plan your route around the factory, give that a spin.

Poppy Playtime factory appearances

As the former headquarters of Playtime Co., the Poppy Playtime factory is the centre of this in-game world, so it appears in every game in the series so far. We’re sure to return to the shop floor in the upcoming Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, too, with the teaser trailer seemingly showing off the floor tiling from the main lobby in the factory.

Screenshot of inside the Poppy Playtime factory with machinery of the shop floor

There you have it, our guide to the Poppy Playtme factory. To swap a world of terrifying toys for a titillating world where everything feels like a toy, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review.