Resident Evil 2 safe codes

Our Resident Evil 2 safe codes guide can make surviving the horrors in the Racoon City Police Department that little bit easier for Leon and Claire.

Leon and Claire both stood outside in the pouring rain

Resident Evil 2 is one the best horror games of all time, and the 2019 remake only solidifies this opinion for many fans worldwide. However, you can come across various safes throughout the game that hold valuable items that can help you survive the terror, and luckily for you, we’re here to give you all of the Resident Evil 2 safe codes, so you can unlock them immediately, rather than backtrack after you find the answer scrawled on a note.

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Anyway, here are all of the Resident Evil 2 safe codes.

Leon being attacked by a zombie

West office on the first floor

You can find this safe in the office that’s next to the room in which the party for Leon was to be held (you need the blue key to get out of here), and it rewards you with a hip pouch, which increases your inventory space.

The safe code is: left nine, right 15, left seven

East wing waiting room on the second floor

When you enter the room, go behind the desk in the corner, this is where you can find the safe, but what you get depends on which character you are:

  • Leon – muzzle break
  • Claire – extended mag

The safe code is: left six, right two, left 11

Treatment pool room

This is the third and final safe in Resident Evil 2, and it has a different item for each character:

  • Leon – shotgun upgrade
  • Claire – hip pouch

The safe code is: left two, right 12, left eight

There you have it, all of the Resident Evil 2 safe codes. For even more zombtastic action, check out our picks for the best zombie games on Switch and mobile.