New Reverse: 1999 1.2 update brings ghouls, gore, and a centaur

The Reverse: 1999 1.2 update event, A Nightmare at Green Lake, sees a bunch of new characters face a villain inspired by slasher cinema.

Screenshot of the centaur character Jessica on a spooky house background for Reverse 1999 1.2 update event news

The upcoming Reverse: 1999 1.2 update event is bringing some Friday the 13th vibes to Bluepoch’s mobile gacha game. A Nightmare at Green Lake launches on December 7 and sees the team of time travelers joining up with some unfamiliar faces to investigate the decades-old mystery of dark forces at Camp Green Lake. If you thought Crystal Lake was scary, wait until you see what’s in store here.

The big news from the 1.2 update is the introduction of four new Reverse: 1999 characters, with Tooth Fairy, Horropedia, Blonney, and Jessica. They’re all interesting arrivals, but Jessica might be the most fascinating of the lot as this game’s first elaphocentaur. For those who don’t know – and don’t worry, we had to Google it too – that means half-human half-deer character. There’s also a fresh series of garments, known as ‘The Horror Show,’ providing a change of attire for characters such as Eagle, X, Sotheby, and Bkornblume.

Of course, a new update means new gameplay content, including character story missions for Tooth Fairy and Jessica. There’s also the Camping Safety Guide to complete. We have a feeling you’re going to need all the tips you can get to survive the Nightmare at Green Lake story event, where you can earn Canned Scream to trade for in-game resources, including those all-important clear drops.

If you want a better idea of what to expect from the Reverse: 1999 A Nightmare at Green Lake event, you can check out the trailer below. Just keep in mind that to access the new content, you first need to have completed the In Our Time chapter. If you still need to clear that story content, you’ve got a few days to do it before the Jason Vorhees-inspired update arrives.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Reverse: 1999 1.2 update event, A Nightmare at Green Lake. For more from this engaging mobile RPG, check out our Reverse: 1999 codes guide and Reverse: 1999 tier list. Or, if you’re looking for more gacha goodies, see our guides to Honkai Star Rail codes, Genshin Impact codes, AFK Arena codes, and Black Clover M codes.