Reverse: 1999 release date and pre-registration

Uncover the secrets of 1999 with our Reverse: 1999 release date guide, featuring trailers, pre-registrations, and details on this mysterious mobile RPG.

Reverse: 1999 release date: High-quality artwork of Arcana looking into the camera

The Reverse: 1999 release date is finlly here. Reverse: 1999 proved itself as a chart-topping hit in other territories and looks to do the same globally upon release thanks to its cinematic storytelling, full English voice acting, and mysterious themes.

Bluepoch Games is the team behind the game, a new studio making a name for itself in the industry. The time-travel-themed adventure marks the studio’ first release. In Reverse: 1999, you’re a Timekeeper who must lead a team of individuals to protect reality. The game is set in an alternate 20th century where mystical powers are at play, including the power of Arcanum that lets those who wield it mess with the fabric of reality. Spooky stuff.

When is the Reverse: 1999 release date?

The Reverse: 1999 release date is finally here. Check out our Reverse: 1999 tier list, Reverse: 1999 character guide, and Reverse: 1999 codes list to get up to scratch.

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How do I sign up for Reverse: 1999 pre-registration?

Pre-registration is available on the official Reverse: 1999 website, with tons of great gifts on offer for those of you who get in early.

  • 100k pre-registrations – 300 clear drops, five simple insight packages, and 5k dust (achieved)
  • 500k pre-registrations – 500 clear drops, 10k sharpodonty, and one jar of picrasma candy
  • One million pre-registrations – Matilda (five-star), 1k clear drops, and 20k sharpodonty

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