Reverse: 1999 release date speculation, pre-registration, and more

Uncover the secrets of 1999 with our Reverse: 1999 release date guide, featuring trailers, pre-registrations, and details on this mysterious mobile RPG

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Reverse: 1999 is an upcoming mystery RPG with a unique turn-based card combat system. With its delightfully dark aesthetic, beautiful English voice acting, and a twisting, mysterious narrative to unwind, we’re eagerly anticipating the Reverse: 1999 release date. So let’s dive into all the latest news on the game, including trailers, pre-registrations, and when we can expect to finally sink our teeth into its intriguing narrative.

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When is the Reverse: 1999 release date?

Bluepoch introduced Reverse: 1999 to us in early 2022, and has since released two beta tests in China. It also confirmed that the game is getting both a Japanese version and a global version, with full Japanese and English voice acting. However, we’ve yet to see a full Reverse: 1999 release date set in stone, though we predict it will grace our phones sometime in 2023.

We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as Bluepoch announces any more details.

How do I sign up for Reverse: 1999 pre-registration?

Currently, it appears the pre-registrations are closed to anyone outside of China. However, you can hit the ‘want’ button on TapTap for a notification when pre-registrations are available, or follow the Reverse: 1999 global Twitter – though the account is yet to post any Tweets, we’re sure info will crop up there in the future. Of course, we’ll also update this guide as soon as we find out more.

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Is there a Reverse: 1999 trailer?

You can check out the official Reverse: 1999 trailer for Android and iOS above. It gives you a glimpse into the wonderful, broody artstyle of the game, and introduces the mind-bending world it’s set in. There’s also an exciting Reverse: 1999 gameplay trailer with full English dubbing, that gives you an insight into the story, cutscenes, and combat.

That’s all we’ve got on the Reverse: 1999 release date for now. If you want some gacha goodness to pass the time while you wait for this one to drop, be sure to check out our list of the best gacha games.