New Roblox Adidas range offers some fresh and funky in-game threads

There’s a fresh collection of Roblox Adidas UGC outfits available on the Marketplace, with more limited items arriving throughout December.

Press image for the Adidas Roblox collaboration with a floating Roblox avatar near the Adidas logo

Get ready to don some iconic fashion, thanks to the new Roblox Adidas collaboration bringing the three stripes to the popular gaming platform. With games like Seaboard City, Theme Park HeideLand, Noob Train, and more all featuring fresh Adidas pop-up stores, there’s no time to waste if you want to show off your style and dress your avatar in some attractive activewear.

This wave of Roblox Adidas wear includes a bunch of recognizable clothing from the famous fashion brand, including hoodies, tracksuit pants, and beanie hats. The prices for these items differ depending on the product, but there’s plenty available for less than 100 Robux. Considering the prices we’ve seen some UGC items go for, that’s a surprisingly good deal to grab some three stripes adorned merch for your in-game avatar.

As well as standard UGC items, there’s also a host of special limited merch available, with Adidas teaming up with Roblox games and UGC creator Rush X. These items are slightly more expensive and first-come-first-served, though. Currently, the Trefoil Crown and Black Messy Hair designs are still available. If you want to grab something from the next drop, be sure to keep your eyes on the Roblox Marketplace for limited items.

This Roblox Adidas collaboration isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fashion brand arrive on the platform, with some competitors creating bespoke experiences, such as Nikeland and Vans World. While Adidas is stopping short of creating its own Roblox game, the brand’s commitment to bringing UGC content to users shows just how much of a big deal Roblox is, and how eager companies are to use it to reach a new generation of shoppers.

Press image of two of the available Roblox Adidas items next to a Roblox avatar

With that, you’re up to date with the new Roblox Adidas collaboration, bringing a range of active and streetwear to the UGC Marketplace and beyond. While you’re here, be sure to grab some freebies with our Roblox game codes guide, including links to Tower Defense X codes, Animentals codes, Anime Adventures codes, and Ultimate Football codes. Or, if you’re more of a board game fan, see our guides on how to get Monopoly Go free dice and Monopoly Go stickers.