Sakura Stand codes

Roblox Sakura Stand codes might not be available yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from putting together everything you need to know about them

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May 24, 2023: We added a new Sakura Stand code!

If you happen to be an anime fan or, more specifically, have a love for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, our Sakura Stand codes list is bound to be a great read. Here, you can get all sorts of freebies for the Roblox experience based on the hugely popular manga and anime series. Naturally, this means you can expect to engage in some exciting battles.

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Sakura Stand codes

Active codes:

  • Shinra – double XP
  • Rizzuku – double XP
  • WhatTheHellMan – cash
  • Flamescion – double XP

Expired codes:

  • GamemodeeUpd
  • BugFixesDuh
  • SakunaFingerIncident
  • CodeBugFix

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What are Sakura Stand codes?

When available, Sakura Stand codes provide you with valuable in-game goodies courtesy of the developer, Sakura Pro Max, who’s likely to release new codes for each milestone hit. To be in the know when some freebies become available, you’d best bookmark this page.

How do I redeem Sakura Stand codes?

For now, we can’t say how to redeem Sakura Stand codes, but we’ll update this guide with the relevant information as soon as it’s available.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Sakura Stand codes. For some less blocky action, make sure you check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs.