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Shield Hero: Rise tier list

Our Shield Hero: Rise tier list helps you make the strongest team with attackers, buffers, and healers ready to adventure across Melromarc at your side.

Shield Hero Rise tier list - four characters dressed in capes and adventurous clothing against a cloudy sky

Welcome to Melromarc, traveler – adventure awaits you in this mobile game based on the hit anime and manga series, Shield Hero. Our Shield Hero: Rise tier list helps you pick which units to focus on while building a team, as there are quite a lot of options in the gacha system.

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Shield Hero: Rise tier list

Here is our Shield Hero: Rise tier list, ranking all available characters from S tier all the way down to D.

Rank Shield Hero: Rise character
S Raphtalia, Jane D. Vanslord, Iwatani Naofumi, Jade, Apagete, Raphtalia Summer
A Fullono, Filo – Queen Successor, Motoysa Kitamura, Melty, Filo, Shadow, Adam, Dellen, Von Laceynott, Owner Of The Magic Shop, Filo – Monster Form, Balia, Golin, L’arc Berg Sickle, Fitoria, Wei Nianzhu, Linde Kael, Raphtalia Manasword
B Itsuki Kawasumi, Raphtalia – Infant, Koume, Mochi, Ume, Mr. Lord, Alicia, High Priest, Pagani, Kio, Yun Meng, Yulina, Thorne, Della, Violincore, Softtie, Alouette, Ayaka, Irene, Yun Yan, Phoebe
C Ren Amaki, Glass, Welest, Rishia, Ake, Resty, Labo, Radish, Sudy, Keel, Ume, Mr Lord, Arrow
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How do I perform a Shield Hero: Rise reroll?

As you progress through the tutorial, you earn coins you can roll with, and when you clear stage 2-4, you’re free to pull on the available banners. Perhaps the characters you got aren’t who you wanted – well, you can always reroll your account to get another shot.

  • Open up Shield Hero: Rise and get through the tutorial levels
  • Head back to the login screen, and click the account settings button on the right side of the screen
  • Click ‘delete account’ and proceed until it is gone
  • Once your account is deleted, you can head in with a new guest account

Play through the tutorial again and use your pulls – if you’re happy with your characters, you can bind the account to keep them!

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