Our favorite small Pokémon

Small things are great - especially these small Pokémon that can still pack a punch with great moves in a team despite their tiny sizes.

small Pokémon: a Gimmighoul bursting out of an open chest

Looking at the true sizes of Pokémon can change your view of them – some are astoundingly big, whereas others are smaller than you assume. It’s time for the smallest of the small Pokémon to be in the spotlight. Let’s not call this a best-of list because every Pokémon is the best in someone’s eyes, but all these creatures do have one thing in common – they’re less than 0.5 meters tall and (mostly) weigh less than a kilogram. Either way, if you want to create a competitive team of exclusively tiny companions, you’re in the right place.

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Now, let’s look at our list of very small Pokémon.

small Pokémon Gimmighoul in a field being caught by a trainer

Gimmighoul (Roaming Form)

Taking weight and width into account, the smallest Pokémon appears to be a tie between the Roaming form of Gimmighoul, and Flabébé.

The Chest Form obviously weighs more, but the lil’ dude inside is a teeny tiny Pokémon weighing a fraction of a pound and measures only a few centimeters tall.

small Pokémon Flabebe in a field being caught by a trainer


Playing Scarlet and Violet tells you all you need to know about the other smallest Pokémon – the number of times we run over Flabébé in the wild because they’re almost too small to see is shocking.

Like Gimmighoul, it stands around 10cm in height and weighs barely anything – which is fair enough, seeing as it’s mostly a flower.

small Pokémon Sinistea in a field being caught by a trainer


Our favorite food-themed Pokémon, and one of the best small Pokémon, is Sinistea. It just misses out on the smallest title due to its weight of 0.2kg, but it’s a liquidy spirit inside a cup, so it’s surprisingly light when you think about it.

small Pokémon Cutiefly in a field being caught by a trainer


Cutiefly, the ‘bee fly’ Pokémon (which is actually a real thing, it’s not made up for Pokémon) is suitably small. Really, I doubt it weighs its alleged 0.2kg, but maybe it’s an incredibly dense fly – packed with extra cuteness.

small Pokémon Comfey in a field being caught by a trainer


A very unsurprising entry to the list of the smallest Pokémon is Comfey. It weighs a grand total of 0.3kg and is made up mostly of flowers, with a small body attached to them.

Officially Comfey is 0.1m tall, though this must measure it when it’s unfolded, not in its circular form.

small Pokémon Joktik in a field being caught by a trainer


The teeny tiny spidery critter Joltik is absurdly small, fuzzy, and cute. It weighs a little more than those sharing its height of 10cm, at 0.6kg, but it still fits nicely in our list – and our pockets. Even its evolution Galvantula isn’t as big as you’d think at only a few inches tall!

small Pokémon Wishiwashi in a field being caught by a trainer


The aptly named ‘Small Fry’ Pokémon is Wishiwashi, the smallest of the fish Pokémon – in its solo form, that is. Let’s not include the giant school form here. On its own, a Wishiwashi is barely the size of one’s hand.

small Pokémon Milcery in a field being caught by a trainer


Milcery is literally a dollop of cream, so it’s really no surprise at all that it weighs barely anything. Now, it does tend to move around a bit given its viscous nature, but it is listed as 0.2m tall for the most part. This milky ‘mon evolves into Alcremie’s various flavors, so we suggest you keep a few around.

small Pokémon Applin in a field being caught by a trainer


As a worm in an apple, you expect that Applin meets our requirements of the smallest Pokemon – and it does. It weighs in at around half a kilogram and is approximately 0.2m tall. This fruity guy does evolve, and if you want to know how check out our guide on the Applin evolution right here.

small Pokémon Cosmoem in a field being caught by a trainer


Now, Cosmoem may be physically small, but it weighs 999.99kg, so it’s only on our list because we like it enough. It is cute, despite it being a strange outer-spacey protostar with a face.

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