Bug Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Love them or hate them, bug Pokémon are here to stay - so here’s everything you need to know about bug Pokémon weaknesses, resistances, and more.

bug pokemon weakness: a charming caterpie on a yellow background

What is the bug-type weakness? Each type of Pokémon resists something and finds itself weak to something else – it can be very hard to keep track of, so here’s the bug Pokémon weakness, resistances, and strengths in a quick and easy guide. Knowing what your buggy buds are susceptible to is an asset, as you can run away from strong opponents and change up your team when necessary.

If you need a refresher on other types and how to handle them in battle, then we have handy guides to water Pokémon weaknesses, electric Pokémon weaknesses, and psychic Pokémon weaknesses, along with resistances and strengths in battle.

Let’s dig into our bug Pokémon weakness guide.

What are bug Pokémon weaknesses?

Bug-type ‘mon are weak to fire, flying, and rock-types. If you see a Talonflame, Aerodactyl, or a Coalossal – run!

What are bug Pokémon resistances?

Bug-type Pokémon are resistant to a few types and take half-damage from them. These are:

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What are bug Pokémon strengths?

These are the three types that bugs take down easily and that we recommend you pit them against. Note that fairy, fighting, and steel can resist bug attacks, so take into account any secondary types when creating a team for a specific battle.

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