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Waven tier list 2024

Our Waven tier list ranks all the characters from early access so you can decide on what heroes you feel most comfortable sending into battle.

Screenshot of key art for a swordsman Waven character for Waven tier list

Are you in need of a Waven tier list? You’re in luck. We’ve gone exploring across oceans to test out the characters in this engaging tactical RPG, just so we can rank them for your own adventures. Of course, as this game is still in early access, there’s a good chance things may change by the time the full release rolls around. For now, you can take your pick of the S- and A-tier characters and see how you fare.

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Waven tier list

So, without any further ado, you can check out our Waven tier list below. Remember, as we’re still in early access and the game is only available on PC, we’re still finding our way around this watery world and what characters are the best to play. So, bookmark this page to keep an eye out for future updates.

Tier Waven character
 S Ambre Tamashi, Scalpel De Lapostruker, Lame Ourai, Gantares Des Cendres, Galive Stakatoss
A Regulant Gurapapa, Ombraden, Lamarguedon Spectral, ARC Piven, Voldorak Vo, Lame Voracious, Ecorcheur Shugen, Catalysteur Pramium
B Bouvalouir Orok, Pilobouli, Surin Sourokan, Baton Tonfavik, Justelame Brutale
C Expingole, Gemme Dephasante, Pinceau Kokoro, Cisaille Orishi, Synchronisateur Tako, Ken Kartana
D Bunelame, Aiguille Pikuxala, Darde Kan, Flamboyante Kasai, Shiru Shaden

Waven tier list explained

If you need a bit of help getting around our Waven tier list, let me make it a little clearer for you. Those in the S-tier are the best of the best, with much of the fledgling Waven community coming to a general consensus on how powerful they are. Those in the A-tier also perform well but might require a special type of playstyle or they might have a specific weakness that keeps them out of the higher echelons.

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B-tier is where we start to get into characters with obvious flaws but who can still provide a punch in battle if necessary. So, it’s quite obvious that C- and D-tier are lacking in the battle department, and you should only really use these characters if there’s no other option.

It’s also worth pointing out for any gacha fans in the house that as this game isn’t a gacha, you don’t have to worry about any Waven rerolls. Instead, you unlock new characters as you progress. With that in mind, don’t worry too much if you’re lacking a top-tier character in the early game, as you’re sure to find someone a little more potent as you continue to adventure.

There you have it, our Waven tier list. While you’re here, grab some daily goodies with our guides to Coin Master free spins, Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins, and Match Master free links.