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What is Hulu?

What is Hulu? A fair question, one we intend to answer as we dive into what shows you can watch on the service and how much it costs

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If you’re asking the question “What is Hulu?“, we’re here to answer it. While the simple answer is that Hulu is a streaming service akin to Netflix and Apple TV, there’s a little more to it than that. In this guide, we’ve got all the details you need to know, including pricing, before you try Hulu yourself.

Though if spending time with Kardashians sounds about as much fun to you as a colonoscopy, you might want to see what’s on offer in our what is Netflix? and what is Paramount Plus? guides. We also have what is Trello?, what is Zoom?, what is Spotify?, and what is Apple Arcade? content if you want to see what other subscriptions are out there.

Anyway, let’s answer the pressing question, what is Hulu?

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What is Hulu?

Hulu is a subscription service that provides thousands upon thousands of TV episodes for you to watch across many popular shows, though it’s fair to say that the platform specializes in reality TV thanks to the likes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and all the Real Housewives variations. In fact, there are so many of the latter that I don’t even think they’re real anymore.

However, it’s worth noting that this is an American service, though our sister site, The Digital Fix, does have a guide that explains how to watch Hulu in the UK. Thanks to Disney+, you can now watch great Hulu content like Only Murders in the Building wherever you are.

How much is Hulu?

There are a couple of subscription options for Hulu:

  • Hulu with ads costs $7.99 per month
    • Students can get it for $1.99 per month
  • Hulu with no ads costs $14.99 per month, though some shows are unavailable due to the lack of ads (paying more for less seems odd to us, but what do we know)

You can also choose between two Hulu and live TV plans:

  • Hulu with ads, live TV, Disney Plus (no ads), and ESPN Plus (with ads) costs $69.99 per month, though only current subscribers of this package can get it now
  • Hulu with no ads, live TV, Disney Plus (no ads), and ESPN Plus (with ads) costs $82.99 per month

Alternatively, if you’ve no interest in live TV, you can:

  • Add ESPN Plus to your Hulu subscription for $9.99 per month
  • Add Disney Plus with ads for $2 per month

There you have it, an answer to the question, what is Hulu? Should you now want to give it a go, you can check out our Hulu download guide. Or, if you’re looking for something to play while you catch up with your favorite shows, see our guide to the best portable gaming consoles.