What is Netflix?

What is Netflix? If this is a question that plagues your mind, we have all the answers for you, including one to how much does Netflix cost?

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There are many streaming services out there, but we can’t deny that Netflix is perhaps one of the most prominent – it’s certainly a godfather of film and TV subscriptions, to say the least. Still, if you’re not overly familiar with the platform, our what is Netflix guide is here to help you to learn more about it, including how much it costs.

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Anyway, allow us to answer the question, what is Netflix?

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription service that gives you access to thousands upon thousands of TV shows and movies from a range of genres. You can watch stuff like Come Dine With Me, Halloween, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Conjuring, and a whole lot more. In fact, there are some exclusives to the platform, such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Wednesday, Fear Street, and iZombie, to name a few.

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How much is Netflix?

There are a few monthly subscription options for Netflix:

  • Basic with ads – $6.99/ £4.99
  • Basic without ads – $9.99/ £6.99
  • Standard – $15.59/ £10.99
  • Premium – $19.99/ £15.99 a month

Basic with ads allows you to use your account on one device, though some movies and shows are unavailable. If you choose basic without ads, you get access to everything on the platform, though it’s still for one device, except now you can also download content. If you go one step further to standard, you can use two devices. Then you can double that to four with premium. The most expensive option is the only one that allows you to watch content in ultra HD.

Furthermore, each type of subscription gives you full access to Netflix’s mobile games.

There you have it, the answer to what is Netflix? If you now want to give the service a try, our Netflix download guide can help you out.