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Aimblox codes

With our Roblox Aimblox codes guide, you don’t have to worry about running short on cash, so you can buy all of the guns you could possibly want.

Aimblox codes - a gun in front of a green background

October 13, 2023: We checked for new Aimblox codes.

If you’re a fan of shooters, our Aimblox codes list is bound to be of interest to you as it features a ton of free cash. You need all the coins you can get to buy an arsenal of weapons you can be proud of, and not just an array of guns, as there are other pieces of equipment, such as bows, on offer. The aim of the game is simple, hit the battlefield and be the last soldier standing.

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New Aimblox codes

Here are all the active Aimblox codes:

  • 2yearparty – $1k cash
  • LIKES400K – $1k cash
  • AIMBLOXEASTER2023 – bunny tech sight
  • Likes375k – $1k cash
  • 100MIL – $1k cash
  • NEWPLAYER – $500 cash
  • Gun – $50 cash

Expired codes:

  • 1millfaves
  • LIKES325K
  • LIKES400K1k
  • LIKES300K
  • LIKES277K
  • LIKES250K
  • LIKES230K
  • LIKES215K
  • LIKES200k
  • Likes180k
  • Likes165k
  • LIKES150K
  • LIKES140K
  • LIKES130K
  • LIKES215K
  • Joemama
  • AimbloxEaster
  • AimbloxTweets
  • Kreekcraft
  • Imposter
  • Likes120k
  • Likes110k
  • LIKES100K
  • LIKES90K
  • LIKES80K
  • LIKES70K
  • LIKES60K
  • LIKES50K
  • LIKES40k
  • LIKES30K
  • LIKES25K
  • Kreekcraft

Aimblox codes redeem: how to redeem codes in Aimblox

How do I redeem Aimblox codes?

To redeem Aimblox codes, you need to:

  • Fire up Aimblox in Roblox
  • Open up the main menu
  • Hit the codes tab
  • Enter your codes one at a time
  • Hit redeem

Enjoy your freebies!

What are Aimblox codes?

Aimblox codes provide you with valuable in-game goodies courtesy of the developer, Aim Lab Official, who tends to release new ones for each milestone hit. So if you want to stay up to date with the latest freebies, you’d best bookmark this page.

There you have it, all of the current Aimblox codes. For some less blocky action, check out our picks for the best mobile shooters.