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Anime Adventures tier list

Thanks to our Anime Adventures tier list, you no longer have to wonder about who can kick the most butt and get you the victory you desire.

Anime Adventures tier list: A screenshot of Goko (Goku) on a blue background after being pulled from the gacha

Given just how many characters you can receive, you likely want to know who gives you the best chance to secure victory, and that’s where our Anime Adventures tier list comes in, as we rank all of the available fighters in-game. Of course, this is subjective, so if your favorite character is in tier C, you should still go ahead and use them.

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Unfortunately, Anime Adventures is no longer available on Roblox. The developers took the game down after a DMCA from the creators of My Hero Academia, and we don’t know if or when it will return. In the meantime, here’s how the characters ranked in the most recent update.

Anime Adventures tier list

Our Anime Adventures ranks the in-game characters from S-tier, the very best, to D-tier, those not worth using. For more info on how our table works, scroll a bit further down the page.

Rank Anime Adventures characters
S Homuru (Time Traveller), Fuji (Admiral), Pride (The One), Lao (Room), Leafy (Sylph), Stain (Hero Slayer), Griffin (Darkness), Oshy (Idol), Mamy (Holy), Flamingo (Awakened), Guts (Berserk), Anz (Overlord), Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas), Harribu (Shark Empress), Narbera (Battle Maid), Albedo (Overseer), Roger (Pirate King), Kiroto (Dual), Skull Knight (King), Heathcliff (Admin), Shigaruko (Symbol of Fear), Gyutaru (Moon), Sayako (Sapphire Blade), Avdo (Magician’s Red), Evileye (Landfall), Senbodu (Buddha), Asuno (Flash), Griffin (Reincarnation), Orwin, Emili, Puchi (Heaven), Tatsumiki (Tornado), Shallta (Bloodfallen), Power (Fiend), Wenda, Broke (Soul King), Megomu (Chimera Shadow), Sukuno, Peruna (Ghost Princess),  Jio (Over Heaven), Gilgamesh (King of Heroes), Itochi (Susanoo), Endeavor (Hellflame), Kiro (Bites the Dust), Saber (Promised Sword), Daky (Obi), Diavoro
A Metal Knight (Arsenal), Greed (Hunt), Haze (Rage), Kisoko (Bankai), Merlyn (Infinity), Ice Queen (Empire’s Strongest), Kyoka (Scarlet Lance), Saby (Flame Emperor), Dezu (Vigilante), Melio (Assault), Usoap (God), Aizo (Final), Lord Boron, Vegita (Super II), Madoko (Salvation), Bakugo (Howitzer), Kizume (Tailless Beast), Gabimaro (Ascetic Blaze), Issai (Boosted Gear), Minata, Smoka, Klay (Bachelor), Mochi Charlot, Yoshina (Spirit), Sosuke (Storm), Goju (Six Eyes), Todorro (Released), Charmi (Sheep), Lancer (Child of Light), Illy (Homunculus), Koichy (Echoes), Lulu (Geass), Red Scar (Conqueror), Demiurge (Demon Emperor)
B Hanje (Captain), Carrot (Sulong), Akena (Fallen Angel), Geno (Incinerate), Jokujo (The World), Raylay, Nejiri, Yuto (Cursed Child), King (Sloth), Hawk (Fierce Wings), Mirka (Tiger Bunny), Shisu (Flicker), Denjy, Akin (Contract), Angel (Devil), Chainsaw (Hybrid), Tango (God of Flashiness), Archer (Heroic Spirit), Luffo (Gear IV), Golden Freezo (Emperor), Conrod (Wizard King)
C Soi Fan (Hornet), Kizzua (Godspeed), Cel (Super Perfect), Piccoru (Nameless), Sonic (Speed), Ichi (Final Desk), Unohona, Yamomoto (Hellfire), Hime (Ghost), Emperor Whitehair
D Dany (Creation), Android 21, Lucky (Thunder Fiend), Ulquiro (Resurreccion), Jelly (Heaven), Gray (Devil Slayer), Luci (Celestial), Jolyna (Determination), Tatsumo, Kenpaki (Maniac), Dark Asto, Getu (Maximum), Snake Princess, Crush (Ace), All Force (Symbol of Peace), Kobeno (Scared), Bang (Silver Fang), Yamo (Captain), Ezra (Lightning), Vas (Cross), Kent (Overtime), Erein (Founder), Julio (Wizard King), Aokijo (Blue Pheasant), Ipo, Yono (Spirit), Thor (Awakened), Toshin (Dragon Lotus), Ria (Devil Princess), Heavy Weather, Gowthy (Invasion)

Anime Adventures tier list explained

As there are more than a few characters on our Anime Adventures tier list, it’s worth explaining how exactly it works. Any character up in the S-tier is the best of the best, and these are the characters you see most online. A- and B-tier fighters also pack a decent punch, but it’s not worth looking below them.

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There you have it, our Anime Adventures tier list. For more information about this game, check out our Anime Adventures trade guide. Or, some less blocky action, you can check out our picks for the best anime games on mobile and Switch.