Poison Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

With our poison Pokémon weakness guide you can discover how to deal with those pesky ‘mon, or maybe how to make the most of your toxic pals.

Poison Pokemon weakness - Drapion in front of a yellow background

Welcome to our poison-type weakness guide. You know, some Pokémon like to lay the smackdown, others have a tendency to shock you, and others want to cause pain and suffering through the use of poison. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that a lil creature like Toxel can be so toxic, but we take one look at that cute, grumpy face, and we forgive them. Still, it’s nice to know what the poison Pokémon weakness is to deal with what they throw at you.

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Anyway, onto what the poison Pokémon weakness is.

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What are poison Pokémon weaknesses?

Poison Pokémon are especially weak to ground and psychic-types, so if you come up against a poisonous ‘mon, they can serve as your antidote. However, you should also remember that they can wipe the floor with any toxic ‘mon on your team, too.

What are poison Pokémon resistances?

Poison ‘mon are resistant to poison and toxic themselves and can handle their own against both bug- and fighting-types.

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What are poison Pokémon strengths?

If you want to clip a fairy’s wings, you need to look no further than a poison Pokémon. They’re super effective against the likes of Sylveon, Clefable, Florges, Granbull, and Dachsbun. Furthermore, they can turn powerful grass-types into pitiful weeds.

So there you have it, the poison Pokémon weakness. If you need help with those that lurk in the shadows, it’s our dark Pokémon weakness and ghost Pokémon weakness guides you should read. Though we do also have water Pokémon weakness and psychic Pokémon weakness articles, in case you want to go for a swim and not consult a fortune teller.

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