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AUT tier list - all stands ranked

With our AUT tier list, you can discover who the best stands are in the game, so you can kick some serious butt on this bizarre adventure

AUT tier list - an angry look skeleton with a blue power that's ready to attack

Roblox is a fantastic place for anime fans as you can frequently discover an array of titles that take inspiration from many franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the latter of which is the inspiration behind A Universal Time.

However, there are a couple of other shows, such as DBZ, that pop up in A Universal Time, which means there are plenty of characters (stands) to choose from, and with our AUT tier list, you can discover who the most badass of the bunch are, though if you happen to like a stand in tier D, by all means, use them as you can still kick some serious butt.

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Anyway, onto our AUT tier list.

AUT tier list - Goku facing off against another nime character with the game logo in front of them

AUT tier list

Rank AUT character
S All Might, CSPR, H Reaper, Raper, Zenith, SPR, HSTWRequiem, STWRequiem, Gaster, Chara, Shinigami, X-Chara, Sans, DTW
A Planet Shaper, Cosmical Dio, Shadow Weaboo Drip Goku, Gold Experience Requiem, Fightsabre, Gun, Chariot Requiem, Super Shadow, STW, Snatcher, JASP, MUI, Casey, Purple Guy, Tusk Act 3, MiR, MiW, Dawn, DPP,
B CH, C-Moon, Coffin BOI, KCAU, Project Samurai, Tusk Act 2, Tusk Act 1
C Samurai, Hamon, Spin, VTW, ULF Kars
D The Knight, Vampire

There you have it, our AUT tier list. If you’re after some less blocky action, you can’t go wrong with our picks for the best anime games on Switch and mobile.