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IFA 2023: the best tech you might’ve missed at Berlin’s big trade show

We had a lovely week talking tech in Berlin, and the best of IFA 2023 may set the stage for future developments in the years to come.

Best of IFA 2023 header showing the Messe Berlin, showing a tall stone tower in the centre of lots of flags for the event.

IFA 2023 is absolutely massive, there’s no doubt about that. It’s a trade show devoted to tech that takes place in Berlin, and it’s been going for 99 years, unbelievably. All this is to say that it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything, especially if you only have one day on the show floor, so we’ve collected everything together with the best of IFA 2023, so you know the cool stuff you missed.

Head below to get caught up on the best of IFA 2023, and once you’re all caught up be sure to check out our other tech guides. We’ve got the best foldable phones and best flip phones if you want something cutting edge, while the best rugged smartphones and best 4G phones keep things simple.

Anyway, here are our picks for the best tech at IFA 2023:

Best of IFA 2023 header showing the Honor Magic V2 closed and on a table next to the thicker Samsung folding phone in front of the phones logo illuminated.

Honor Magic V2

While we’ve known about the Honor Magic V2 for a while now, getting hands-on with it at the global launch event brought a whole new level of appreciation. This is the thinnest folding phone in the world, and it’s an incredible thing to see in person.

Compare it to the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 in the photos above, and you can see how night and day it is. With up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, it’s packed to the brim too. Honor is keeping folding phones exciting, in more than one way too, as you can find out below.

Best of IFA 2023 header showing the Fairphone 5 twice, two handsets one face up and one face down, on a mango yellow background.

Fairphone 5

The Fairphone 5 is probably the most important smartphone shown off at IFA 2023. As you can probably tell by the name, Fairphone is all about the environment, and the company is taking it to the next level with the Fairphone 5.

With 70% of the materials inside either recycled or ethically mined, it’s already off to a good start. But repairability is also key here, and you can replace so many different components yourself if you need to. Combine this with fair pay for Fairphone’s suppliers, and it’s a vital light in the middle of an industry full of greenwashing.

Best of IFA 2023 header showing a watch in black with a black strap and white bezel on a mango yellow background.

Withings ScanWatch 2

Smartwatches aren’t exactly pretty. We love them here at Pocket Tactics, but the big bulky boxiness of the Apple Watch Ultra, for example, isn’t the best for a fancy dinner party. Well, Withings is set to rectify that, with its latest ScanWatch 2 bringing loads of smart features in a very pretty package.

With heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and a temperature sensor, the Withings ScanWatch 2 can keep you up to date on all your health, though it does so through a tiny little screen in the middle of a very lovely analogue watch face. While it limits the detail you can get on your wrist, it’s all available in an app, so you’re not really losing much. And you can wear it when you go somewhere fancy, too.

Best of IFA 2023 header showing: The JBL Soundgear Sense in the palm of someone's hand

JBL Soundgear Sense

The JBL Soundgear Sense brings a new sort of earbud to the market. Instead of going in your ears, they just sit on top of them. They’re a perfect pair of buds for those of you who work in a social office space or need to be aware of your environment while exercising.

While they fulfill a niche, they also bring something new to a market full of very similar products, and that’s exciting enough on its own. We got the chance to write up a JBL Soundgear Sense review at IFA 2023, getting hands-on with these unique buds, so be sure to check that out, too.

Lenovo Legion Go

The Lenovo Legion Go is another competitor for the best portable gaming consoles. It’s a market that’s hotting up, with our Asus ROG Ally review showing how difficult it is to make something perfect. With the Steam Deck seemingly leading the market, the Legion Go really needs to stand out.

And on paper, it does. With a gorgeous design, an 8.8-inch QHD screen, and an AMD Ryzen Z1 inside, it’s looking good. The important thing to note, however, is that it costs $699. Maybe check out our Steam Deck review to see if it’s for you instead, you could probably save a few bucks.

30W Anker Nano Power Bank

Anker’s USB-C plans are in full swing as we come up to the iPhone 15 release date, and it seems certain that the manufacturer knows something that has been long-rumored. So, Anker is getting ahead of it all with loads of new USB-C devices.

Our favorite is the new Nano Power Bank – a pretty little cuboid with an attached USB-C cable so you don’t have to worry about carrying one around with you. It can also double up as a loop to carry it with, and overall it looks super pretty.

Honor V Purse

The Honor V Purse really stole the show at IFA 2023. It’s only a concept phone, but it’s so different from everything we’ve seen before, and that’s exciting. It doesn’t have any screen inside, instead, it’s all screen on the outside. You can then unfold it to make it one bigger screen.

While obvious durability worries are there, it works as a fashion statement, with an always-on display and a special strap attachment, it’s designed to be part of your outfit rather than stuck in your pocket. And we really love how fun that is.

That’s all we’ve got from IFA 2023 for now. For more, check out our guides to the best 5G phones, the best Google Pixel phones, and the best OnePlus phones to get caught up on the manufacturers we missed at the event.