Brown Dust 2 tier list and reroll guide February 2024

Our Brown Dust 2 tier list ranks the characters from the mobile RPG, plus we’ve got instructions for how to reroll for a new character.

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If you’re trying to figure out the best character to play in Neowiz Games’ RPG, our Brown Dust 2 tier list is here to help. With so many characters to choose from, and costumes to equip them with, it can be confusing trying to decide who to use as you tackle the gameplay. So, we’ve ranked each and every available option, and we’ve got a Brown Dust 2 reroll guide for if you don’t get it right the first time.

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Brown Dust 2 tier list

Our Brown Dust 2 tier list ranks the characters from S-tier, the best, down to D-tier, those we don’t recommend using unless you really want to. Of course, these rankings may shift over time. So, for the latest rankings, be sure to bookmark this page.

Tier Brown Dust 2 character
S Samay, Alec, Arines, Justia, Andrew, Kry, Rou
A Helena, Olstein, Sylvia, Gray, Lecliss, Anastasia, Wiggle
B Eclipse, Beatrice, Rubia, Rafina, Jayden, Elise, Layla, Emma, Lucrezia, Celia
C Rigenette, Seir, Scheherazade, Eleaneer, Teresse, Carlson, Emma, Remnunt, Fred, Liatris
D Lathel, Ingrid, Synthia, Maria, Lydia, Julie, Lisianne,

Who is the best Brown Dust 2 character?

Currently, the general consensus is that Alec is the best character. No matter what costume you equip him with, he deals heavy damage, so you can progress through the early game with ease. Justia is a close second, with her White Reaper costume offering you some serious firepower in terms of light damage. In terms of support characters, Arines is the best of the bunch, providing attack and crit rate boosts to her teammates.

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How do I perform a Brown Dust 2 reroll?

If you want to reroll for characters higher on our Brown Dust 2 tier list, it’s easy enough. Just follow the steps below and repeat until you have a couple of costumes for high-ranking characters. Keep in mind it’s not characters you’re pulling here, but costumes, so look out for any that belong to Samay, Alec, Arines, Justia, or Andrew. Anyway, here are the steps to perform a Brown Dust 2 reroll.

  • Open Brown Dust 2
  • Complete the tutorial section
  • Go to the ‘infinite draw’ tab in the menu
  • Keep pulling until you draw a character you want
  • If you change your mind, delete your account or create another and start this process again

The caveat here is that with the infinite draw mechanic, you don’t really need to reroll unless you make a decision you regret and want to start all over again. Still, for those who are looking to pull off a Brown Dust 2 reroll, it’s easy enough.

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There you have it, our Brown Dust 2 tier list and reroll guide. If you prefer a gacha set in space, find the best team to travel with in our Honkai Star Rail tier list.