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Color Block breaks through two billion visits on Roblox

Color Block’s visit total is now above two billion, making the Roblox game part of an elite club of experiences on the games platform.

Roblox Color Block visits: An avatar in a pizza jumper in front of a colorful arena

Roblox is a wonderful place. There are so many different experiences, some good, some bad, and some ugly. Well, if the latest Color Block visits figures are anything to go by, 11aganfy’s Roblox game is a popular one, boasting more than two billion visits since its release in 2020.

As one of the more simplistic Roblox games, Color Block gives you one simple task: stand on the correct color. When the game begins, you and your opponents are in a very colorful arena, and then you’re told which color pad you need to stand on. Quick, time is of the essence; the wrong color pads fall into the abyss and take you along for the ride. The last player standing wins – it’s simple but that’s what makes it fun.

Besides the two billion visits, RoMonitor shared on X that Color Block boasts an impressive 84.99% rating with just over 909k likes, 160k dislikes, and 2.3bn favorites. At the precise moment the game hit the milestone, there were 1,927 players in-game, showing that it remains a popular experience even after three years on the platform.

The next milestone in sight has to be for one million likes, and guess what? According to Color Block’s Roblox page, there’s a code waiting for all of you when the game reaches that new feat. Words can’t express how happy we are for the developer, 11aganfy, on the success of their game. Here’s to the next two billion visits. Who knows, perhaps Color Block can reach the same number of Tower of Hell visits, which currently sits at a cool 22 billion.

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