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The best crocodile Pokémon in 2024

Check out our complete list of every crocodile Pokémon in the series, with some old classics as well as the latest additions in Scarlet and Violet.

Crocodile Pokemon Totodile in front of Pocket Tactics background

So, you want to fill your six Poké-slots with the best crocodile Pokémon. Fair enough. When it comes to choosing our favorite companions to battle with, we all have our preferences. And, actually, while the range of crocodile Pokémon isn’t quite as diverse as, say, bear-themed Pokémon, there’s at least a good spread of skill types. Taking on Cynthia with just Crocodile Pokémon is a challenge, but it can be done… in theory. Here’s our complete list of all the Crocodile Pokémon to add to your collection (yes, and alligators too).

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Now, let’s get snappy with our list of all the best crocodile Pokémon.

Crocodile Pokemon Totodile against Pokemon background


One of the most iconic Pokémon ever, Totodile and its evolution line was introduced in Gen 2 as one of the three starters offered by Professor Elm when the adventure in the Johto region begins. This mischievous, small bundle of energy is the successor to Gen 1 Pokémon Squirtle in that it’s the first water Pokémon available in Johto. Totodile is probably one of the best Pokémon designs ever, and we can’t be convinced otherwise. A pretty good starting point for our crocodile Pokémon list.

Crocodile Pokemon Croconaw against Pokemon background


At level 18, most players bid a fond farewell to Totodile to embrace their evolution: Croconaw. Now, Croconaw isn’t the most memorable Pokémon on this list, and like a lot of the second evolutions for starter Pokémon, we can sum it up with one word, ‘fine.’ This is a solid Pokémon, but it doesn’t take too long for you to count down the hours until you get to Croconaw’s fearsome evolution.

Crocodile Pokemon Feraligatr against Pokemon background


Upon reaching level 30, players who chose Totodile receive the awesome, brutal Feraligatr. Feraligatr is a terrifying presence with none of the cheeky charm of Totodile. To be honest, though, that’s what you want from the final evolution of a starter: raw, undiluted power. Feraligatr can duke it out with the toughest of the tough and is a great addition to any comp.

Crocodile Pokemon Sandile


Not since Dunsparce has a Pokémon looked more like something you might wear on your feet. Unlike Totodile, Sandile is a dual ground and dark Pokémon, giving it some unique strengths and weaknesses. This makes it versatile enough to include in your comp alongside Totodile and co., though grass Pokémon present an inevitable challenge (at least, until we get to Fuecoco). Introduced in Gen 5, Sandile is a slow grower, and players have to wait until level 29 before the evolution to Krokorok.

Crocodile Pokemon Krokorok


Krokorok, as well as having the name that’s the most fun to say out loud, is very much the ‘grumpy teen’ of this evolution line. With an unbothered vibe, Krokorok looks like it can handle its own in a fight and is definitely less cute than Sandile. Like Sandile, it’s another late bloomer, too, only evolving once you hit level 40.

Crocodile Pokemon Krookodile


One of the most powerful physical Pokémon around, Krookodile looks a bit like a wingless Charizard with a longer snout. It has immense jaw strength and can chomp down on even the toughest rock Pokémon and do some serious damage. Like its previous evolutions, Krookodile maintains its unique ground/dark-typing, which makes it incredibly powerful and useful at higher levels, with the potential for some fascinating moveset combinations.

Crocodile Pokemon Fuecoco


The anti-Totodile, Fuecoco, is a crocodile-inspired fire type who can blast their way through opponents with ease, while still being just a cheeky little guy. Introduced in the latest games in the series, Fuecoco proved to be a popular choice as a starter Pokémon, making for the perfect lead companion as players navigate the expansive open world presented by Scarlet and Violet.

Crocodile Pokemon Crocalor


Crocalor has the hard task of bridging the gap between Fuecoco and the final evolution, Skeledirge. As such, it’s an awkwardly-designed Pokémon, and players will be keen to get to level 36 to move past it. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. But let’s be honest, is Crocalor anyone’s favorite Pokémon? We doubt it.

Crocodile Pokemon Skeledirge


It’s almost impossible to look at Skeledirge and draw a line back to the sweet, innocent Fuecoco, and that’s partly because with the final evolution in this line Skeledirge gains a new type, and becomes a dual fire and ghost Pokémon. Nice! Like Krookodile, that means that Skeledirge becomes incredibly versatile if you can get the balance right, perfectly complimenting the other Pokémon on your team. From a visual perspective, Skeledirge is adequately cool and is maybe the most crocodile-like of all these Pokémon. That scores it some bonus points on this list.

That’s our complete list of every single crocodile Pokémon. For more Poké-perusal, check out our list of the best bear Pokémon, or the latest Pokémon Go promo codes. Or, see our thoughts on the free Pokémon games you can play right now.