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The best rock Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Rock Pokémon can always be tricky, mostly benefiting from high defense and struggling in PvP in Pokemon Go, but our list has some of the best for your roster

Rock Pokémon can be a bit of a pain. They have the most number of weaknesses out of all the types, tied only with grass-types, and can often have double weaknesses. To compound all this, they’re frequently very slow. But they do have some redeeming qualities that make them a worthy partner in Pokémon Go.

First off, they usually have super high defence and resistance. Their offence is often high too, which helps. So, who’s the best rock Pokémon in Pokémon Go? Well, here’s our top ten, offering up a blend of great DPS and general likeability. Like, I love Crustle, so that’s why it’s in here. That’s just how it is.

So, read on and get your rocky mouthful of rock Pokémon. We’ve got guides for psychic Pokémon, ice Pokémon, fairy Pokémon, and fire Pokémon too, so you can make sure your Pokémon Go roster is up to the task. We’ve also got a guide to collection games if you’re bored of enslaving sentient creatures.

Anyway, let’s rock on.

Rock Pokémon

Crustle, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Smack down
  • Charge move: Rock blast

Okay, Crustle doesn’t have too many redeeming features, other than their high defence making them a good tank. The main thing, though, is that Crustle is a crab in a big bit of land. Just slap bang right at the bottom of this bit of sediment. That’s my jam, lemme tell ya. Check out our Pokémon Unite Crustle guide if you’re a fan of the Poké-MOBA.

Terrakion, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Smack down
  • Charge move: Rock slide

A fighting/rock Pokémon, Terrakion doesn’t have any double weaknesses, and is pretty good all around. With lower DPS than the other fighting/rock-type Rampardos, it’s not quite as good, but if you want something that looks like a bull then you’re in luck.

To perform a TKO on this fighting Pokémon, make sure you read our fighting Pokémon weakness guide.

Rhyperior, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Smack down
  • Charge move: Rock wrecker

Rhyperior’s move rock wrecker makes it an excellent attacker. A community day move, it has very high damage, making Rhyperior a must-have for any rock Pokémon fans. If only they didn’t look like that.

Not only is Rhyperior a rock0type, it’s also a ground Pokémon, so our ground Pokémon weakness guide is a good place to look for ways to defeat it.

Rampardos, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Smack down
  • Charge move: Rock slide

Rampardos with smack down and rock slide has excellent DPS, beating everyone except Mega Aerodactyl. While they have higher DPS than Rhyperior, it doesn’t have as high a defence. But the two are really closely matched, topping the rock Pokémon charts.

Alolan Golem, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.

Alolan Golem

  • Fast move: Rock throw
  • Charge move: Stone edge

The gen seven variation of Golem is a rock/electric combo, and is great with a rock Pokémon moveset or an electric. It’s especially good for new players thanks to its versatility, and it has a big Wario moustache, so I love it.

Given Alolan Golem’s an electric Pokémon, too, you might want to uncover the shocking details in our electric Pokémon weakness guide.

Tyranitar, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Smack down
  • Charge move: Stone edge

Not only is Tyranitar a weird green porcupine, they’re also a rock/dark combo with good DPS and defence. It’s not the top of its class for either type, but it’s pretty high in both, making it another versatile rock Pokémon pick.

Remember, Tyranitar is also partly a dark Pokémon, so consult our dark Pokémon weakness guide for other ways to defeat it.

Aggron, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Iron tail
  • Charge move: Heavy slam

While Aggron is pretty useless for PvE, they look like a stony unicorn and they have decent DPS. They’re a steel/rock Pokémon combo and work best with two steel moves as above, and its main benefit is its high defense.

Considering Aggron is also a steel Pokémon, you might want to read our steel Pokémon weakness guide.

Regirock, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Rock throw
  • Charge move: Stone edge

Regirock doesn’t have hands, it has bludgeons. Their face has an ‘H’ on it. I don’t like the way it looks. Still, it’s seriously good at defence, has a good DPS, and can have a rock Pokémon fast move and charge move. Definitely worth the sacrifice.

Omastar, a rock Pokemon from Pokemon Go,.


  • Fast move: Rock throw
  • Charge move: Rock slide

Omastar is one of my favorite Pokémon. I’m not sure why, I just have a really good memory of the little fella. It’s really blue, and it has a shell. It’s cute. It also has great counters for ice and fire-type Pokémon. But whatever, it’s cute.

Don’t forget that this gen 1 Pokémon also happens to be a water Pokémon, so make sure you read our water Pokémon weakness guide to learn all of its faults.

That’s all the rock Pokémon you’re getting today, friend. If you need to learn how to beat this type in battle, consult our rock Pokémon weakness guide. For more, check out our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution, Pokémon Go raids, and Pokémon Go events guides.