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The best ghost Pokémon in Pokémon Go

With the best ghost Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you can strike fear into the heart of your rivals, and send their ‘mon running in the opposite direction.

Ghost Pokemon: Mismagius, Gengar, and Dusknoir in front of a spooky forest

Boo! Did we scare you? No? Well, these ghost Pokémon might. Every team needs a ghost Pokémon, for the simple fact that they can cause incredible damage against the right foe. However, we think these are the best ghost Pokémon in Pokémon Go, and you can’t tell us otherwise. Well, you can, but we’re pretty comfy on this spooky hill.

If ghosts aren’t for you, and you want to scram like Scooby and Shaggy, perhaps these electric Pokémon can light the way as you run down dark alleys. Alternatively, maybe you can discover if you can actually burn a ghost with the best fire Pokémon, freeze ’em with these ice Pokémon, or get as far away as possible with the best flying Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Let’s dive into our guide to the best ghost Pokémon.

ghost Pokémon Gengar


Fast attack: Lick
Charged attack: Shadow ball

What better ‘mon to start with than Gengar, this peep is the OG gen 1 Pokémon when it comes to powerful ghost Pokémon, and given it’s been around since generation one, it’s safe to say Gengar knows how to pull off a scare or two. In Pokémon Go, Gengar is one of the best ghost-types available, thanks to its impressive speed and attack power. With that in mind, we highly recommend that you make use of shadow ball, as it’s one of the best ghost attacks available, and in the hands of Gengar, it can cause immense damage to those who are susceptible to ghost attacks.

Here’s a little bit of extra information on Gengar. As a Kanto native, it takes the number 94 spot in the Pokédex, evolving from Haunter when you trade it with another trainer (or a linking cord in Legends: Arceus). It’s known to get a kick out of frightening people, and a telltale sign that a Gengar is nearby is the sudden drop in temperature, as this ‘mon steals heat from its surroundings.

Always be on your guard. Gengar isn’t beyond trying to curse you. Heck, one of its Pokédex entries even has an ominous warning that it likes to visit children who are naughty. Come on, Gengar, don’t sink to the levels of Drifloon and Drifblim.

ghost Pokémon Giratina


Fast attack: Shadow claw
Charged attack: Shadow ball

We discuss Giratina in our dragon Pokémon list, and that’s because this legendary beast is powerful in every sense of the word and just happens to be so evil that Arceus banished it from our realms. Even if you choose to take the ghost approach with its build, we guarantee this Pokémon is going to cause some problems for your rivals. However, with that said, Giratina can be incredibly difficult to get your hands on, for this legendary creature isn’t just wandering down the street. So, you might want to read our Pokémon Go Giratina guide, where we explain how to catch, use, and counter it.

This legendary creature takes the number 487 spot in the Pokédex, debuting as part of the Sinnoh lineup. If you ever encounter this beast, it might be wise to run, given Arceus banished it to the Distortion World due to its violence. Giratina is one evil Pokémon, do with that information what you will.

Or, if you want to discover how to beat Giratina in the mainline games, take a look at our dragon Pokémon weakness guide.

ghost Pokémon Mismagius


Fast attack: Hex
Charged attack: Shadow ball

Now, this is a ghost Pokémon with some oomph. Mismagius is one of the best ghost-types for a reason, and that’s because it has access to some powerful moves that can decimate the health bar of a range of opponents. Getting your hands on one can be daunting, regardless of which region you’re in, so make sure you read our Misdreavus evolution guide to learn how to get the gen 4 Pokémon.

Allow us to give you a little bit more information on Mismagius. This ghostly being is number 429 in the Pokédex and is unfortunately known for being known to torment people who can hear its cries. However, on rare occasions, you might find that the Mismagius is actually trying to give you happiness. It’s like a game of chance if you hear the incantations of this creature, though most people do lose.

ghost Pokémon Trevenant


Fast attack: Shadow claw
Charged attack: Shadow ball

Trees are dangerous, and you should stay away from them, especially if it’s an opposing Trevenant. However, if this grass and ghost-type hybrid is on your team, it’s a different story, as its unique blend can lend itself to some powerful combinations that result in a lot of damage to your foe. Still, we suggest you lean into its ghostly powers, instead of giving it grass attacks – trust us.

To discover how to beat Trevenant, it’s a good idea to look at our grass Pokémon weakness guide.

ghost Pokémon Chandelure


Fast attack: Hex
Charged attack: Shadow ball

Chandelure, what a savory word. The name of this ‘mon alone warrants a mention, and that’s just because it feels good to say. Okay, in all seriousness, this fire and ghost-type hybrid can bring the party into a fight, and can use a great combination of attacks, meaning it’s vital that you know all about Lampent’s evolution.

To learn how to put out the flames, take a look at our fire Pokémon weakness guide.

ghost Pokémon Drifblim


Fast attack: Hex
Charged attack: Shadow ball

What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s… Drifblim, an annoying hot air balloon type thing that’s actually pretty good to have on your team. Admittedly, this ‘mon isn’t one of our favorites, and we’d certainly choose other members on this list over it, but we can’t deny its merits, and we know that many of you can likely benefit from having this airhead on your team.

Plus, while we might not much care for Drifblim, we know many of you do, and people especially appreciate its first form, Drifloon. Speaking of which, we can tell you all about Pokémon BDSP’s Drifloon, as it takes more than you think to get your hands on one.

Admittedly, out of Drifblim and Drifloon, it’s actually the latter that we’re more terrified of due to the fact it’s known for, *checks notes*, stealing children. Yeah, you read that right, Drifloon kidnaps kids.

ghost Pokémon Dusknoir


Fast attack: Hex
Charged attack: Shadow ball

This isn’t the nicest mon to look at, what with its one soul-piercing eye and the fact that it’s essentially the grim reaper of this world, but we can’t deny that Dusknoir is a solid ghost-type that can bring something to your team. In Pokémon Go, it can cause massive damage and has a decent amount of speed to its credit, too.

ghost Pokémon Banette


Fast attack: Shadow claw
Charged attack: Shadow ball

Banette is one mean ghost, and that’s just the sort of energy that can get you the victory in a battle. This ‘mon is over it before the fight has even begun, and that just means it’s ready to tear the opposition apart so that it can return to brooding and hating from the comfort of its pokéball.

ghost Pokémon Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak 

Fast attack: Hex
Charged attack: Shadow ball

The Alola region gave us some great variations on existing Pokémon, one of which is Marowak. This first generation ‘mon is a fire and ghost-type hybrid in this region, yet it still hits as hard as its original form, which means it can decimate the health bar of the opposing Pokémon.

ghost Pokémon Hoopa

Hoopa (Confined) 

Fast attack: Astonish
Charged attack: Shadow ball

Of course, Hoopa is on this list. You can’t discuss ghost Pokémon and not bring this one into the conversation. We love Hoopa at PT, but it’s conflicting in the sense that we love the attack capabilities of its confined form, but we can’t deny how badass we think its unbound form looks.

There you have it, the best ghost Pokémon in Pokémon Go. If you want to know what the ghost Pokémon weaknesses are, check out our guide. What do you think of our terror-ific choices? For more great titles, make sure you check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs – there’s an adventure out there for everyone.