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The 30 best players with the highest FC 24 potential growth

FC 24 potential can take a while to get your head around, so we've explained the term while offering a list of players with the highest level of growth.

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FC 24 potential is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a term to describe how much a player can develop and get better. Just like in FIFA before it, FC 24 has different levels of potential for different players – but knowing the ones to choose is going to be difficult before the football game launches.

So, we’ve gone out in search of the player’s with the highest possible potential, as well as those who can grow just a little to be the best in the game. We’ve also explained FC 24 points and taken a stab at EA FC ratings, too.

What is FC 24 potential?

Potential is a term to describe how much a player can develop in FC 24’s career mode. For example, a player like Barcelona’s Gavi has a rating of 83 in EA FC 24, with a potential of 90. A player’s potential is the rating they can reach with the right development and training. Young players with high potential are often described as ‘wonderkids’, and we’ve listed some of the best in the game in our FC 24 wonderkids guide.

Despite the change of name, potential is much as it was in FIFA 23 in EA FC 24, with the ability to turn great players, or those going under the radar, into international superstars. However, it is worth noting, players can outperform their potential, especially if they’re in a solid run of form, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on the stats of your players to see how much they improve through a season.

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FC 24 potential – biggest growth

Here we’ve listed the EA FC 24 players with the highest potential. All these players have a potential growth in their rating by at least 19 points – Paul Wanner, for example, can develop from a 63-rated player into an 86 overall. As they start from a position of lower base stats compared to some of the better-known wonderkids, it’s always worth signing a couple and training them up to perform on par with the elite.

Player Position Base stats Potential Growth
Lennon Miller CM 59 85 26
Emre Tezgel ST 56 82 26
Nathan Lowe ST 55 80 25
Krzysztof Kolanko LM 55 80 25
Findlay Marshall CAM 57 82 25
Biran Romero RM 48 73 25
Jude Wellings CDM 50 74 24
Paul Wanner CAM 63 86 23
Joshua Feeney CB 57 80 23
Reed Baker-Whiting RWB 55 78 23
Ben Schlicke CB 54 77 23
Luke Harris CAM 61 84 23
David Ozoh CDM 56 79 23
Serge Ngoma RM 58 81 23
Luca Lipani CDM 56 79 23
Elias Kringberg Haug CB 52 75 23
Filip Rozga LM 56 79 23
Norman Bassette ST 61 84 23
Lucas Bergvall CM 61 84 23
Noah Cobb CB 51 74 23
Dennis Seimen GK 61 84 23
Taha Ayari LM 56 79 23
Alexandru Irmia CM 57 80 23
Laurin Ulrich CM 61 84 23
Madi Monamay CB 60 83 23
Patrick Nuamah CM 60 82 22
Valentin Carboni CAM 60 82 22
Ben Doak RW 62 84 22
Niko Tsakiris CAM 56 78 22
Elis Bishesari GK 51 73 22

FC 24 potential – highest ratings

Here, we’ve listed who can hit the highest ratings in FC 24. This may not be the biggest jump in overall rating, but the potential growth pushes them to be the best players the game has to offer. All these players have the potential to grow beyond the 90/100 overall rating in-game.

Player Position Base stats Potential
Erling Haaland ST 91 94
Vini Jr. LW 89 94
Kylian Mbappe ST 91 94
Jamal Musiala CAM 86 93
Pedri CM 86 92
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia LW 86 92
Federico Valverde CM 88 92
Florian Wirtz CAM 85 91
Ronald Araujo CB 86 91
Jude Bellingham CM 86 91

There you have it, the players with the best EA FC 24 potential. While you’re here, check out our FC 24 starter team, FC 24 ultimate team, and FC 24 lengthy guides for even more.