FC 24 lengthy players predictions

If you want to add some FC 24 lengthy players to your team, our guide has some predictions on who might fall into the category in the season ahead.

Screenshot of an FC 24 lengthy player going in for a tackle against an opponent

If you’re looking for FC 24 lengthy players, we get it. Until recently, the tall and strong have had something of an advantage in EA Sports’ series of soccer simulators. However, following a patch for FIFA 23, it’s up for debate whether lengthy players hold the advantage they once did. We won’t know until launch, but we do know some players that might benefit if the perks of being tall and powerful are back at the top of the meta.

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What are FC 24 lengthy players?

To properly understand what we mean by FC 24 lengthy players, you first need to understand the AcceleRATE system which traditionally divides players into three archetypes: controlled, explosive, and lengthy. These archetypes define how a player acts both with and without the ball, but now it can also be a mixture, with some players purely explosive while some are controlled lengthy or controlled explosive, and so on.

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Lengthy players are popular because they prove the best over distance and can take the ball from your penalty box all the way into your opponent’s final third. Of course, there is a sacrifice in that lengthy players struggle to cover short distances and maintain control, but considering they’re often big and strong, it still takes a solid tackle to get them off the ball.

While lengthy strikers are especially popular, with stars like Kane and Haaland capable of driving into the boxing and finishing with style, there are advantages to having lengthy midfielders and defenders too. Their natural height makes them a key target for set pieces, like corners and free kicks, while their strength makes it easier to fend off tackles. Of course, there are advantages to each type of AcceleRATE archetype, but lengthy is the most popular by some distance.

FC 24 lengthy requirements

The requirements for FC 24 have changed a little since FIFA 23. Now, lengthy players need to be at least 188cm tall, excluding some of last year’s inclusions like Casemiro and other popular options. Lengthy players also need a strength rating of 80 or higher, acceleration of 55 or higher, and their agility subtracted from strength needs to be above 20. That leaves much less to work with than in FIFA 23, but that might be a good thing, considering how dominant lengthy players have been in the online meta.

A custom FC 24 player in a PSG shirt celebrating for FC 24 lengthy players guide

FC 24 lengthy players predictions

Below you can find a list of some of the most reliable lengthy players from FIFA 23, as we’re currently waiting for all the data from FC 24. Still, as all these players are superstars in the world of soccer, we think our FC 24 lengthy players predictions are pretty on the money, but we’re going to come back and check them over once the FC 24 release date comes around.

FC 24 lengthy player Team Position
Harry Kane Bayern ST
Erling Haaland Manchester City ST
Wout Weghorst Burnley ST
Romelu Lukaku Inter Milan ST
Kai Havertz Arsenal CAM
Leon Goretzka Bayern CM
Paul Pogba Juventus CM
Sergei Milinkovic Al-Hilal CM
Tyrone Mings Aston Villa CB
Virgil Van Dijk Liverpool CB
Cristian Romero Tottenham Hotspur CB

There you have it, our predictions for FC 24 lengthy players as well as an explainer on the changes to the AcceleRATE system. To change up your ball games for board games, see our guides to Monopoly Go free dice and Monopoly Go stickers.