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FNAF Gregory - lore, personality, and more

Our FNAF Gregory is here to get you up to speed with the child genius, including his lore, relationship with Freddy and co, and more.

FNAF Gregory in front of a red PT background

FNAF Gregory is one of the more important human characters in this lore-rich survival horror series, and the mysteries that surround him are some of the most intriguing story elements in recent years. So let’s get to know the child genius and his troubled past with our full Five Nights at Freddy’s Gregory guide.

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Here’s everything in our FNAF Gregory guide:

FNAF Gregory: Freddy talks to Gregory

Who is FNAF’s Gregory? 

One of the only human characters to make a physical appearance in the series, FNAF’s Gregory is a child with brown hair and a blue t-shirt, known for his intelligence and talent with electronics.

In FNAF: Security Breach, Gregory spends a lot of time hiding inside Glamrock Freddy, as, after being hacked on stage, Freddy reboots into safe mode. Gregory is also on the run from Vanny (who some theorize to actually be FNAF Vanessa), a creepy, anthropomorphic rabbit.

It’s not clear if Gregory is actually homeless or what happened to his parents, though one of the endings of FNAF: Security Breach shows Gregory on the street, but it is unclear which – if any – of the six endings are canon. Even if he is homeless and living on the streets, his clothes seem too tidy, and his intelligence hints towards a good education. Gregory may come from an affluent home, and could be on the run. While we know Vanny is hunting Gregory, we don’t know if Vanny is responsible for anything that may have happened to Gregory’s parents.

FNAF Gregory: Gregory appears in an alleyway, with a silhouette of Vanny visible

What is FNAF Gregory’s personality? 

Though he is scared of being pursued by Vanny, FNAF Gregory is still a confident and intelligent kid. He clearly isn’t scared of all animatronics, as the game hints that he is responsible for helping to fix Freddy after he was hacked at the beginning of FNAF: Security Breach, perhaps even using his intelligence to boot Freddy into safe mode.

Gregory appears fearless and inquisitive, choosing to help Freddy confront the other animatronics roaming the Mega Pizzaplex. While he is clearly scared of Vanny and her robots, Gregory relishes in enacting revenge, and seems happy to finally kill Vanny and end his torment, though he does seem remorseful once the ordeal is over.

FNAF Gregory: Freddy and Gregory sit on a hill

What is FNAF Gregory’s age? 

Though it is never explicitly stated, his height and voice indicate that Gregory is around ten to twelve years old.

Is FNAF Gregory a robot? 

With so much deep lore and a lack of clear explanations, many fan theories surrounding FNAF have cropped up within the community. One such theory is that FNAF Gregory may actually be an animatronic, perhaps a robot version of the Crying Child. However, very little in the game points towards this, and many fans disagree with the theory. Like many things in FNAF, there is no clear answer, but general opinion for now sways towards Gregory just being a regular human child.

FNAF Gregory appearances 

So far, Gregory only appears in FNAF: Security Breach and the Security Breach DLC, Ruin.

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Who is the FNAF Gregory voice actor? 

Marta Svetek is the voice actor for FNAF Gregory, who you may also recognize from her voice work in Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, and Battlefield 2042 as Commander Alloscka.

Is FNAF’s Gregory in the FNAF movie?

No, Gregory isn’t part of the FNAF movie cast.

That’s everything we’ve got on FNAF Gregory. If you need even more spectacular spooks, be sure to check out our lists of the best horror games and the best ghost games.