Vanny – FNAF

The psychotic bunny FNAF Vanny is one of the most mysterious characters in the entire franchise, so we’re hopping into the lore mines in this full guide.

FNAF Vanny: a large rabbit with wide red eyes appears aaginst a yellow background

There are plenty of terrifying characters in the Five Night’s At Freddy’s franchise, with each and every anthropomorphic inclusion being out to kill you at some point. As the years go on, however, players are slowly getting used to working alongside some of those maniacal mechs. Well, that is until FNAF Vanny comes along, so learn all about the ferocious rabbit in our guide.

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Let’s hop on down to our FNAF Vanny guide.

FNAF Vanny: a human in a rabbit suit appears through the pitch black, leaning towards the viewer

Who is FNAF Vanny?

Vanny is a human in a rabbit suit, appearing as a white adult woman with long blonde hair, similar to FNAF Vanessa. The Vanny suit resembles a large white rabbit but with a wide psychotic grin, with huge wide eyes and stitches across the pattern of the suit. The suit also has a blue bow on the chest, and paw pads on each of the feet.

What is FNAF Vanny’s personality?

FNAF Vanny appears as a psychopath, hunting down FNAF Gregory, and one of FNAF: Security Breach’s multiple endings highlights that FNAF Vanny has already killed several children. Though she does appear to have some uncertainty in her voice, she nevertheless is responsible for the deaths of many children in a sadistic fashion, and is happy to hunt down Gregory, appearing to relish in the chase.

FNAF Vanny: a human in a rabbit suit appears in a window, ready to press a button on a remote

Is FNAF Vanny actually Vanessa?

Though there is not a concrete answer in any of the games or official media, fans generally accept that FNAF Vanny is actually FNAF Vanessa. The characters bear a striking resemblance, and the prevailing theory is that Vanessa is one of the people that William Afton is responsible for turning into a killer. Vanessa previously worked as a security guard at the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience, and we presume that this is how William Afton, while in his Glitchtrap form, captured and brainwashed Vanessa, turning her into the psychotic killer Vanny.

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What games does FNAF Vanny appear in?

FNAF Vanny first appears as a voice in Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, once you complete the Curse of the Dreadbear DLC. Vanny makes her first true appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach as the antagonist chasing FNAF Gregory, often appearing to scare the player, threatening both Gregory and Glamrock FNAF Freddy.

Is Vanny in the FNAF movie?

While we don’t know for certain, we’d wager that Vanny isn’t in the upcoming FNAF movie, though we hope we’re wrong – we can only imagine what Blumhouse would do with this character.

FNAF Vanny: a human in a rabbit suit creeps down a hallway

Who is FNAF Vanny’s voice actor?

Two different voice actors play FNAF Vanny, as Jessica Tang plays Vanny in Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Help Wanted. Meanwhile, Marta Svetek plays Vanny in FNAF: Security Breach, who you may recognize not only as the voice of Gregory and Roxy, but also from appearances in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Horizon Forbidden West, and also Battlefield 2042.

Well then Freddy fans, that’s all we have on FNAF Vanny for today. We hope this guide is helpful, but for even more looks into the FNAF lore, be sure to check out our articles covering FNAF Foxy and FNAF Puppet next.