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The best South Park games 2024

Our list of the best South Park games on Switch and mobile rounds up the crew’s wackiest portable adventures, featuring wizards, superheroes, and Hello Kitty?

South Park games: An orange PT background with a tablet and a phone pased onto it showing gameplay from South Park Phone Destroyer

So, you’re looking for the best South Park games on Switch and mobile? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got it on good ‘authoritah’ that this list is full of them. Cartman and the crew have appeared in their fair share of games over the years, but these are the best ones that you can play on the go.

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So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best South Park games. If you disagree with us remember, “There are no stupid answers, just stupid people.”

South Park games: A South Park character wearing a green hat with a crown of thorns holds up a stick in front of a crowd of angry others with a red sky in the background

South Park: The Stick of Truth – Switch

Picture this – you’ve just moved to a new town, South Park, and you’re looking to make friends. Little did you know that this place is embroiled in a thousand-year conflict, pitting humans, elves, and wizards against each other, all fighting for the titular Stick of Truth.

This original South Park story lets you play as the New Kid, joining Kenny, Cartman, and the gang as they fantasy role-play their way around the town, fighting off aliens, zombies, and more. As you might expect from a South Park-themed title, this is definitely a great funny game if you’re looking to laugh.

South Park games: A screenshot from The Fractured But Whole on Switch

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Switch

If you’ve exhausted our lists of Marvel games and DC games already, mix up your superhero selection with South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Craft your own superhero persona and join the gang as they fight the dark power threatening to destroy South Park.

The Fractured But Whole expands on everything you see in The Stick of Truth, adding new locations and characters, as well as the chance to roam the streets at night, patrolling for baddies. Plus, there are three DLC packs available if you just can’t get enough.

South Park games: A large gathering of cartoon superheroes including the main crew in front of the wooden South Park sign

South Park: Phone Destroyer – mobile

Okay, so what would happen if you combined The Fractured But Whole with Marvel Snap? South Park: Phone Destroyer, that’s what. This CCG combines aspects of the best mobile card games with South Park’s iconic crude humor, letting you control your favorite characters in PvP team battles to reach the top.

Unlock over 100 cards featuring Kenny, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle, alongside side characters like Butters and tons of explosive spells. Make sure you upgrade your cards along the way to stay on top of your game.

South Park games: A promotional image of Snow Day showing off the new 3D graphics, featuring the New Kid dressed as a wizard

South Park: Snow Day – Switch

South Park: Snow Day is the newest addition to the cartoon franchise’s game library, releasing on the Switch back in March 2024. THQNordic and South Park Digital Studios announced this 3D entry as part of February’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase to the delight of long-time fans everywhere.

Jump in with up to three friends and take over the town through all-out snow day warfare. Use a mixture of melee and ranged weapons paired with special abilities to bring your enemies to their knees. Plus, you can do it in style thanks to all of the cosmetics you can unlock to customize your New Kid. Check out our South Park: Snow Day Switch review to learn more.

South Park games: Butters from South Park edited into a promotional graphic for Hello Kitty Island Adventure featuring Kitty, Kiki, Lala, and a player character

Hello Kitty Island Adventure – mobile

Okay, hear us out. You’ve heard of The Simpsons predicting real-world events before, right? Well, South Park managed to do the same. Around 17 years ago, Butters told Cartman that he spent hours on his PC playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which at the time, didn’t exist.

Smash cut to 2024 and Hello Kitty Island Adventure is one of the most popular and decorated games on Apple Arcade. This adorable life sim lets you create your own Sanrio-style character, make friends with Hello Kitty and her pals, and rebuild a magical island theme park. If you need some convincing, check out our glowing Hello Kitty Island Adventure review.

Those are all of the South Park games on Switch and mobile. Hopefully, the team will make a new South Park game soon, but for now, enjoy these hilarious gems. For more fun from famous franchises, check out our lists of the best Batman games, Barbie games, and Sonic games next.