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Order up! KFC’s The Colonel zings into Genshin Impact

Check out everything we know about the finger-licking good KFC Colonel’s Genshin Impact build, weapon, and release date right here.

KFC Colonel Genshin Impact: the colonel in liyue

April 2, 2023: As much as we’d love the Colonel to travel to Teyvat, this article was an April Fools prank

We’ve got an exclusive scoop on a follow-up to the head-scratcher collaboration that was Genshin Impact and KFC. This time, instead of some measly wings, we’re getting a brand new unit along the lines of Genshin Impact’s Aloy: KFC’s Colonel. Here’s what we know about his creative build, flavoursome talents, and when we can get a hold of him.

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How do I get the KFC Colonel in Genshin Impact?

Remember the Spices from the West event, or should we say, 11 Secret Herbs and Spices from the West? Well, there’s another instance of it happening now, bringing a very special prize. For those who fully complete the Spices from the West: Northerly Search, you can grab the KFC Colonel for free, along with his spicy signature weapon.

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What is the KFC Colonel’s build in Genshin Impact?

The Colonel is a pyro character wielding a catalyst and a very tasty one at that. His kit places him as a DPS, or off-field pyro applicator, thanks to his deployable turrets. His normal attacks show him throwing out small fiery projectiles from his catalyst. Performing a plunge attack leads to a small explosion of popcorn-chicken items wherever the Colonel lands.

The Colonel’s talents are as follows:

  • Elemental skill: Zinger
    • The Colonel’s elemental skill attack sees him throw a flaming object that oddly resembles deep-fried pieces of chicken that deal damage similar to Genshin Impact’s Klee.
  • Elemental burst: Get Plucked
    • His burst involves the Colonel placing a turret shaped like an overflowing bucket of chicken that periodically shoots out more projectile poultry pieces.
  • Passive talent: Wrap of the Day
    • When cooking any food, The Colonel has an 11% chance to turn the dish into Chicken Selects, which restores 11% of an active character’s HP.

Genshin Impact KFC Colonel: Cursed Klee surrounded by chicken

For those who want to ascend The Colonel to level 90, all you need is fowl and spice items. That’s it. Just a huge stack of bird meat and some flavour! And mora, of course. The Colonel’s constellation is also suitably flavoured. It’s called Pullum Alas, which translates to ‘chicken wing’.

A fresh signature weapon comes with the Colonel, too – it’s a bucket-shaped catalyst (as in, a KFC bucket) that requires fowl and spice to ascend as well. It’s called the Secret Recipe and has an elemental mastery substat.

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