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The nine best train games in 2024

If you’re looking for the best train games, well all aboard as we’re choo-choo-choosing the greatest games featuring locomotives so no need to go off the rails.

Train games: The characters from Loco Motive outlined in white and pasted on a blue PT background

Are you loco for locomotives? Then you’ll love our list of train games for the Nintendo Switch and mobile. Who doesn’t love letting off some steam on a steam engine, gently riding down the rails, or conducting a bunch of carriages? We’ve got some ‘rail-y’ amazing titles that are a ‘freight’ way for train lovers to relax.

Before we pull into the station of this guide, let us quickly derail you and point towards the huge cargo of great guides we’re carrying! We have articles covering the best motorbike games, games like The Sims, games like Skyrim, baseball games, pool games, bowling games, wrestling games, and rugby games.

All aboard, folks, as we rumble down the rails into our guide on the best train games for Switch and mobile.

Train Games: a top down view shows a series of connected tracks, and a small train exploding

Conduct Together!/Conduct This! – Switch and mobile

An explosive action game, Conduct Together! (known as Conduct This! on mobile) is a thrilling railway adventure all about managing your locomotives strategically. Expand your railway empire, but avoid any accidents, as explosions are imminent when trains collide.

The Nintendo Switch version also has a great multiplayer mode, so you can share a Joy-Con and the fun with your friends.

Train Games: a top down view shows two trains moving around on tracks

Railbound – Switch and mobile

A cozy puzzle game all about two dogs that work on the railroads, Railbound is all about connecting tracks to solve each level. With chill music and lots of wholesome vibes, this entry is a great way to relax, and with over 150 levels, you can play this entry for days!

With a good mixture of simple puzzles and more brain-bending challenges, Railbound is also a great game for kids to get to grips with some simple logic puzzles.

Train Games: a diorama-like 3D level is visible, with a small train movoing around tracks

LocoMotion – Switch

If you love Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker but wish it had more trains, boy, do I have good news for you. LocoMotion is a 3D puzzle game where you move the camera around diorama-style levels, moving the track and obstacles to get your train to its destination.

With a really satisfying gameplay loop, gorgeous visuals, and a steady increase in obstacles and challenges, this is a delight for puzzle fans and train-lovers alike.

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Loco Motive – Switch

An upcoming entry that we can’t wait to learn more about, Loco Motive is a murder mystery set on a train with a comedic twist. Chucklefish, responsible for the Switch port of Stardew Valley and the upcoming Witchbrook is the publisher of this entry, so we have high hopes for this game on the prestige of the publisher alone.

It helps that this looks like a hilarious game, and we’ve always wanted to live out our Murder on the Orient Express dreams. While we wait to hear more, check out our list of other great detective games on Switch and mobile.

Train Games: a 3D level shows a virtual recreation of a train and a train station

Metro Simulator – Switch

For a more authentic train driving experience, Metro Simulator is a realistic interpretation that puts you firmly in the conductor’s hat. Manage a railway station, drive the trains, and make sure all your passengers arrive safely.

If you’ve always fancied a go at driving a train, this is probably the quickest and cheapest way to try it out. You can also explore the Moscow Metro in Metro Simulator 2, which just launched on Nintendo Switch.

Train Games: a sparse scene shows a series of connected subway station

Mini Metro – Switch and mobile

Alright, yes, this is another cozy rail-based puzzle game, but there is a reason it’s here. Mini Metro is a minimalist title that tasks you with designing a subway system, with the aim of including multiple stops as efficiently as possible.

Whether playing on Switch or mobile, this entry is a great way to relax. Plus, the gorgeous sparse visual design is really striking and only helps to further the focus on the puzzles themselves. Check out our Dinosaur Polo Club interview from GDC 2023 to hear more from the creators about how civil engineering influenced the game.

Train games: A screenshot from Unrailed on the Switch

Unrailed! – Switch

As big fans of Minecraft and Roblox, we can’t leave fellow blocky game Unrailed! off of our list. Developer Indoor Astronaut describes this game as a cooperative roguelike about building railways, and that’s surprisingly accurate.

In either local or online multiplayer, work together to build the train’s track as it slowly rolls towards the next station. Fend off bandits, traverse complex terrain, and wind your way through adorable miniature procedurally-generated maps.

Train games: A screenshot from Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles – Switch

If you’re looking for a choo-choo that goes boo, Choo-Choo Charles is your new best friend. This giant spiderlike train monster stars in one of the best indie horror games of recent years, and he’s finally made it to the Switch.

Traverse a deadly playground in your trusty engine, collecting scrap for upgrades and completing missions to protect the townspeople from this bloodthirsty train. Will you be the one to finally take him down? Maybe once you defeat him, he’ll return in a Choo-Choo Charles mobile port…

Train games: A zoomed-in screenshot of Thomas & Friends Minis on Google Play

Thomas & Friends Minis – mobile

You can’t have a list of train games without Thomas! Thomas & Friends Minis lets you build your own whimsical train sets for the residents of Sodor to ride along, transporting people and goods wherever they need to go.

Budge Studios is known for making incredible mobile games for kids, including Barbie DreamHouse Adventures and a range of Hello Kitty games. Your little ones are in safe hands with this game.

Well, we’ve reached the end of the line, as that’s it for our guides to train games folks. For even more great guides, stay tuned to Pocket Tactics, and check out our great articles covering FNAF characters, Poppy Playtime characters, and Poppy Playtime Boogie Bot.