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Honkai Star Rail fleeting lights quest guide

With so many things to unlock, the Honkai Star Rail fleeting lights quest may get lost amongst the stars - so we’re pinpointing how to get it and finish it.

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The Honkai Star Rail fleeting lights quest opens up some real opportunities for you to test your mettle and earn a ton of stellar jade, but just how do you get the quest, and what does it actually lead to? We reveal all this and more in our guide to the fleeting lights of Honkai Star Rail.

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What is the Honkai Star Rail fleeting lights quest?

Fleeting lights is a story quest that unlocks a helpful and bountiful set of challenges in Honkai Star Rail. Though not tied to the main storyline it’s an integral part of every Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer’s to-do list as completing the fleeting lights quests gives you access to the Forgotten Hall and some hefty rewards with it.

If you’ve played Genshin Impact, then the sound of the Forgotten Hall may be familiar to you – that’s because it’s essentially Honkai Star Rail’s answer to the Spiral Abyss. Here, you create two teams to fight through sets of three combat challenges that get more difficult the further you go on.

The Forgotten Hall isn’t for the faint of heart and is challenging, but you get richly rewarded with stellar jade, money, and even a free Honkai Star Rail Qingque unit at level three. The free Qingque we mentioned does appear in the Travel Log menu, but clicking her won’t bring you straight to the Forgotten Hall unless you’ve completed the fleeting lights quest.

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When do I unlock Honkai Star Rail fleeting lights?

The ‘fleeting lights’ quest crops up as Trailblazers pass their first Honkai Star Rail equilibrium level-up mission and hit Trailblazer level 21. The equilibrium is the ‘world level’, meaning that enemies and challenge difficulties grow a little each time it’s raised.

As you hit level 21, the Astral Express conductor Pom-Pom sends you a message asking you to return to the train. They’ve seen something scary and want your help figuring out what it is. Once back on the train, follow the quest pointer to a broken mirror item in the main compartment and interact with it. This unlocks the Forgotten Hall and lets you dive into the challenges.

There you have it – the space Spiral Abyss is now available! Now in order to beat it, check out our Honkai Star Rail Seele, Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan, and Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng builds to kit out our faves with the best equipment.