Honkai Star Rail Bronya build

Help Belobog pull through the great freeze alongside Honkai Star Rail's Bronya. Our handy guide goes over her best build, relics, light cone, attacks, and more

Honkai Star Rail's Bronya

Regardless of how much the Fragmentum corrupts Belabog, Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya and the rest of the Silvermane Guards will never turn their backs on their home. Bronya may certainly look familiar to you if you’ve followed the Honkai series at any point, as she and her adoptive mum Cocolia seem to pop up everywhere, and we’re delighted to see this regal lady gracing the battlefield once again.

Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya is a refined and elegant young lady, and as the commander of the Silvermane Guards and the next Supreme Guardian, she certainly has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Luckily, you can help lift some of that burden, with the aid of this build guide – including the best Bronya build, relics, light cones, and more.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya?

Bronya is the elegant, refined heir to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog, and the capable commander of the Silvermane Guards. Having received rigorous education and training from an early age, as overseen by the fierce Supreme Guardian Cocolia, she possesses the grace and affinity expected of an heir. However, she’s torn by the abysmal conditions of the Underworld, and how it contrasts with the overground city, finding herself questioning the path her people have taken to get here. Can her training help her lead them to the lives they want and deserve?

Bronya is a five-star wind wielder who treads the path of the Harmony. Her English voice actor is Madeline Reiter, and her Japanese voice actor is Asumi Kana.

Honkai Star Rail Bronya

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build?

Bronya is a support character who applies buffs and removes debuffs from her team. She deals very little damage herself, but her skills make her a valuable enabler capable of pushing her allies through to victory. As such, she’s very flexible, and can be an asset to most team comps.

When building Bronya, we recommend focusing on increasing her energy restoration rate and speed before anything else, as this allows her to buff her allies more frequently. However, this information is based solely on the beta, so it’s subject to change in the wake of the full release.

Which light cone should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya?

The Battle Isn’t Over is a five-star light cone tailored to Bronya’s kit. It increases her energy restoration rate whenever she uses her ultimate on a target ally, while also restoring a portion of their energy.

As The Battle Isn’t Over is a five-star light cone, it may be a little tough to get your paws on. So, if you need something to fill the slot in the meantime, feel free to equip her with anything that increases her energy restoration rate or enhances her buffs. Just make sure that the light cone you equip her with also aligns with the path of the Harmony in order to enable its skill.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
The Battle Isn’t Over Increases Bronya’s energy restoration rate by 16% and restores one skill point whenever she uses her ultimate on a target ally. The target ally also restores ten energy. This effect can only trigger once per turn  Gacha

Which relics should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya?

During the beta, we struggled to find a relic set that perfectly complements Bronya’s skill set. However, Eagle of Twilight Line does a decent job, as its skill increases her speed and restores her energy after she takes action. The wind damage increase doesn’t have a great impact on her as it doesn’t really affect her role, but it does help her basic attacks pack a bit more of a punch.

When it comes to substats, we recommend prioritising energy restoration rate and speed.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Eagle of Twilight Line Two equipped: increases wind damage by 12%
Four equipped: increases Bronya’s speed by ten and regenerates 5% of her max energy after each action she takes
Five equipped: increases wind damage by 12%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Raging Battle in Jarilo-VI’s Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya’s attacks?


Skill Effect
Basic attack: Windrider Bullet (single attack) Deal 60% of Bronya’s attack as wind damage to a target enemy
Skill: Combat Redeployment (support) Dispel a debuff from an ally, advance their action by 100%, and increase their damage dealt by 27% for one turn
Ultimate: The Belobog March (support)  After using Bronya’s ultimate, increase the attack and crit damage of allies by 32% for two turns


Skill Effect
Leading the Way After using her basic attack, Bronya’s next action is advanced forward by 16%


Skill Effect
Banner of Command (support) After using her technique, for the next battle, increases the attack of all allies by 15% for two turns

Honkai Star Rail Bronya, Seele, and March 7th

What are Bronya’s eidolons?

Honkai Star Rail eidolons are similar to Genshin Impact constellations. They’re special buffs and bonuses you can unlock by pulling more than one copy of a character. Here are all of Bronya’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – Hone Your Strength When using Bronya’s skill, there’s a 50% fixed chance of regenerating one skill point. Triggering this effect has a one turn cooldown
Level two – Quick March After the ally Bronya targets with her skill takes action, their speed increases by 30% for one turn
Level three – Bombardment Increases the level of Bronya’s ultimate by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and increases the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level four – Take By Surprise After an ally uses a basic attack on an enemy with wind weakness, Bronya immediately launches a follow-up attack on the target, dealing 80% of her basic attack’s damage as wind damage. This effect can only be triggered one time per turn
Level five – Unstoppable Increases the level of Bronya’s skill by three, up to a maximum of 15, and the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level six – Unrelenting The damage boost applied to an ally by Bronya’s skill lasts for one more turn

And that’s everything we’ve got on Bronya so far, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we get to the Honkai Star Rail release date. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best mobile games for more fun on the go.