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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Sam?

Let’s take a look at Honkai Star Rail’s Sam and what we know about them so far, including their potential release and lore.

Honkai Star Rail Sam's portrait as an enemy in the game

Honkai Star Rail’s Sam – not to be confused with Sampo – appears to be a key member of the Stellaron Hunters, dressed entirely in metal armor. The character remained a mystery despite some name drops, a small appearance in a trailer, and popping up in Penacony’s story. Here’s everything we know about Sam.

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Will Honkai Star Rail’s Sam be a playable character?

Well, if you’re caught up on the story, you’ll know exactly who Sam is – its Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly. So, technically, yes – Sam is playable. Just not in the way we expected!

We got an official look at Sam during the Penacony teaser in Honkai Star Rail’s special program – most other characters shown at the same time got posted to the Star Rail X account, however, Sam (and Duke Inferno) were not. We now know this is because ‘Sam’ is Firefly’s armor… and Honkai Star Rail’s Duke Inferno died offscreen.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Sam?

Sam is a Stellaron Hunter, and appears as a tall figure wearing a metal suit of full-body armor – and we mean full, you can’t even see their face.

Sam worked alongside Kafka to find and recruit Blade and Silver Wolf, at the request of Elio, the leader of the Stellaron Hunters. We see Sam in the Myriad Celestia trailer showing the Jepella Rebellion, where they speak to Kafka.

If you haven’t caught up with the Honkai Star Rail story – look away now. Still here? Well, remember the finishing cutscene wrapping up the story in 2.1? Sam, it appears, is Firefly. What this means for Firefly (and Sam) as a playable character, we’re not sure just yet, but we’re very intrigued.

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