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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Duke Inferno?

Honkai Star Rail’s Duke Inferno looks suspiciously like a relic set, and seems to have evil intentions - here’s what we know so far.

Honkai Star Rail Duke Inferno's first appearance in game, showing him cloaked in fire on a dark background

Among the recent roster of characters shown by Hoyoverse is Honkai Star Rail’s Duke Inferno. However, there’s really not too much known about the mysterious character so far – bear with us as we speculate about who Duke Inferno could be, and when we may meet them.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Duke Inferno?

Duke Inferno, real name Ifrit, got a reveal in the version 1.6 special program – as Hoyoverse showed off a portrait amongst upcoming playable characters.

If you want to go down a big old rabbit hole about Duke Inferno, you can read the entire descriptions of the Ashblazing Grand Duke relic set, which seems to set out Ifrit’s history. To sum it up, he’s a member of the Annihilation Gang, a group that follows Nanook of the Destruction. Nanook doesn’t particularly favor them, though, as they work for selfish reasons. He’s obsessed with slaughter and destruction.

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During the Trailblaze continuance quest, Crown of the Mundane and Divine, Ifrit wreaked havoc on the Herta Space Station by casting infernal fire in it and teleporting some members away. Trailblazer and Honkai Star Rail’s Dr. Ratio stopped him, thankfully.

In this quest, we also learn about the Ever-Flame Mansion. Ifrit is the leader and rose through the ranks quickly thanks to his obsession with cruelty. He now heads to different planets aiming to annihiliate them and spread the Destruction’s message.

Duke Inferno got an invitation to Penacony to join the festivities – as we saw his picture in the introductory stream alongside the likes of Robin and Misha – however… he apparently met his demise before getting to the planet. The Ever-Flame Mansion also disbanded. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of any of them, if their cool trailer was anything to go by. I guess we’ll just need to wait and see.

Duke Inferno’s English voice actor is Bob Johnson, as listed under the Crown of the Mundane and Divine trailer on YouTube.

Will Duke Inferno be a playable character?

It feels like Mr. Ifrit won’t be playable, but will appear in the story and cutscenes, and perhaps the simulated universe as a representative of the Destruction path. Being realistic, he’ll probably be a villain along the lines of Cocolia on Jarilo-VI and Phantylia in Scalegorge Waterscape.

He was first shown alongside characters confirmed to be playable – like Honkai Star Rail’s Misha – so there’s hope for us future Duke Inferno mains yet.

What do we know about Duke Inferno’s build?

If we ever do get a playable version of the Duke, it’s highly likely that he’d use fire, and be a follower of the Destruction path. Due to him literally being the Ashblazing Grand Duke, perhaps we’d see some follow-up attacks in his kit, too.

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