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All Honor of Kings characters

With over 70 Honor of Kings characters in the global game so far, it can be hard to keep track of them all. We’ve listed all the Honor of Kings heroes for you.

Honor of Kings characters: Shangguang from HoK on a fireworks background

With so many Honor of Kings characters to explore, it can be hard to choose who to try first. From guards of the Great Wall to talented sword-wielders from Kyokutou, we’ve listed all of the Honor of Kings heroes in the global version by their class.

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Here’s a full list of all the Honor of Kings characters, separated by class. As some characters are in multiple classes, you’ll find them in whichever class comes first in the alphabet. For example, Cirrus is both an assassin and a fighter, so he appears in the assassin list.

Honor of Kings characters: Cirrus's character art showing him looking graceful in a forest

Honor of Kings assassins

  • Butterfly – a Navenian mercenary tasked with taking out her trusted companion
  • Cirrus – a reincarnated bird spirit from the riverlands
  • Diaochan – a renowned dancer known for her stunning beauty
  • Han Xin – a Ba general from the riverlands
  • Jing – an espionage expert from the Zhulu Plateau
  • Lam – the Former Top Assassin of Wei who has awesome water powers
  • Li Bai – a poet, swordsman, and eternal romantic
  • Mai Shiranui – the Shiranui Fighting Style Master teaching her skills in Tonpuu Shore
  • Mulan – a Great Wall Guard Commander who wields dual swords
  • Nakoruru – this Kyokutou Shrine Maiden looks like she belongs in an Inuyasha manga
  • Pei – he calls himself “Chang’an City’s top boxer”, and gives off similar vibes to Honkai Star Rail’s Luka
  • Prince of Lanling – the former Prince of the Golden City, left without a kingdom to rule
  • Shangguan – a dual-class assassin and mage who spies for the Empress and is fueled by vengeance (new!)
  • Shouyue – a Great Wall guard who’s waiting for the return of his lost younger brother
  • Sima Yi – a Wei strategist described as “a ruined soul with unfathomable power”
  • Ukyo Tachibana – a Kyokutou swordsman with a gentlemanly demeanor, similar to Genshin Impact’s Ayato
  • Wukong – the leader of the Ferali Uprising
  • Ying – the rising star of the Dali High Court and Honor of Kings’ mascot
  • Zilong – a Shu General who knows no fear

Honor of Kings characters: Luna's character art showing her wielding a glowing sword

Honor of Kings fighters

  • Allain – a Navenian mercenary just looking to get by
  • Arthur – as you might expect, he’s the leader of the Knights of the Round Table
  • Athena – the literal reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena of wisdom and war
  • Biron – another Navenian mercenary on a mission to stop pollution taking over his home
  • Charlotte – a noble knight following the trail to Kyokutou
  • Cao Cao – a martial artist and Lord of Wei who fights fire with fire
  • Dharma – a fearless warrior monk trying to make sense of the world
  • Dian Wei – a berserker and a Wei General
  • Dun – another Wei General with a history of mercenary work
  • Fuzi – one of the Three Sages of Jixia
  • Guan Yu – a Shu General who values trust above all else
  • Kaizer – a Great Wall guard who was consumed by a demonic suit of armor
  • Li Xin – a Great Wall guard of royal lineage
  • Liu Bei – a new fighter hero who’s also a Lord of Shu, and Cao Cao’s old friend (new!)
  • Lu Bu – a reborn fiend warrior who claims to be the “world’s worst nightmare”
  • Luna – Kaizer’s younger sister and the leader of the Lunari Clan
  • Mayene – a Jixia Academy student studying under Fuzi
  • Menki – an adorable, fluffy Dream Eater
  • Mozi – one of the Three Sages of Jixia and a master of machinery
  • Musashi – a roaming Kyokutou samurai
  • Sun Ce – a Marquis of Wu who loves to lead the charge across the sea
  • Wuyan – an orphaned hybrid and Jixia Academy student
  • Yang Jian – an enforcer with a third eye in his forehead

Honor of Kings characters: Angela's character art showing her reading a glowing magic tome

Honor of Kings mages

  • Angela – the enigmatic mage Merlyn occupying an alternative body after getting trapped
  • Daji – Jiang Ziya’s kitsune puppet creation, devoid of emotions
  • Dr Bian – a framed doctor turned evil
  • Gan & Mo – a corrupted swordsmith and his wife, who is also his blade
  • Guitarist – a wandering musician with strong anti-war feelings
  • Heino – the head of the Fate Clan on a quest to restore his people’s name
  • Kongming – a calm and collected Shu strategist
  • Kui – the Warden of Chang’an
  • Lady Zhen – The Last Anomalic
  • Liang – a genius scholar and a disciple of the sage Jiang Ziya
  • Milady – the prideful and autocratic ruler of Navenia
  • Nuwa – a superbeing who created the Primaeran civilization
  • Princess Frost – a princess from the Central Plains stuck in an unhappy political marriage
  • Sun Bin – a Jixia Academy student who loves mechanics
  • Xiao Qiao – a descendant of a famed Anomalic clan who is willing to give her all for love or war
  • Zhou Yu – a Governor of Wu from a noble family

Honor of Kings characters: Solarus' character art showing him with a glowing yellow hand

Honor of Kings marksmen

  • Alessio – Protector of the Outer City
  • Arli – a dancer in the Changle District
  • Consort Yu – a protector of nature on a journey to explore the world
  • Di Renjie – a Chang’an Magistrate
  • Erin – an elf princess born in the Luminescent Forest
  • Fang – an adorable Chang’an detective
  • Huang Zhong – a veteran marksman who fought on the Red Cliffs (new!)
  • Lady Sun – the Princess of Wu, following in her elder brother Sun Ce’s footsteps
  • Luban No. 7 – an adorable puppet created by Master Luban
  • Marco Polo – a free-spirited and intelligent explorer from Sunset
  • Solarus – a heroic marksman and enforcer

Honor of Kings characters: Little Lute's adorable character art showing her sat in her harp

Honor of Kings supports

  • Agudo – a forest child whose best friend is a giant creature called Furball
  • Da Qiao – a steadfast protector of Jiang, Xiao Qiao’s older sister, and Sun Ce’s lover
  • Dolia – the Princess and Future High Priestess of the Merfolk Clan
  • Eclipse – the Conqueror of the Eastern Marshes
  • Little Lute – a musical prodigy who was forced to flee her adoptive home
  • Liu Shan – the Crown Prince of Shu, Liu Bei’s son, and Kongming’s disciple
  • Ming – the Chief of the Yaotian Society
  • Yaria – a reincarnated doe spirit with the magical ability to activate the growth of any living thing
  • Zhang Fei – a General of Shu with a ferali blood curse
  • Zhuangzi – one of the Three Sages of Jixia who can turn dreams into reality

Honor of Kings characters: Lian Po's character art

Honor of Kings tanks

  • Ata – an orphan pirate and holder of the Soul Pearl
  • Lian Po – the Head of the Gandan Clan
  • Xiang Yu – a despised tyrant defying fate

Those are all of the Honor of Kings characters so far. If you’re looking to jump in as soon as possible, check out our guide to the best VPN for Android to help you along. For something completely different, take a look at our lists of new mobile games and new Switch games that we’re looking forward to in 2024.