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Honkai Star Rail Luka build

Get to know Honkai Star Rail’s Luka and how to make him the Underworld’s best fighter with our guide to his best build, relics, light cones, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Luka: A zoomed-in picture of Luka's light cone, showing him shirtless and looking over his shoulder towards the camera with a smirk on his face. He has scars on his back and you can see his mechanical shoulder.

Honkai Star Rail’s Luka is a skilled mixed martial artist and fight club regular in Belobog’s Underworld. He’s easy to spot in a crowd with his crimson hair and if you hear the locals talking about a boxing champ with a mechanical arm, you can be sure that they’re talking about HSR Luka. We’ve got all the details you need to get him into fighting shape.

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Come with us as we fight our way to the best Honkai Star Rail Luka build.

What’s the best build for Honkai Star Rail’s Luka?

Best light cone Good Night and Sleep Well
Light cone alternatives Eyes of the Prey
Best relic set Prisoner in Deep Confinement
Best planar ornament set Space Sealing Station
Main stats
  • Body: Attack%
  • Feet: Speed or attack%
  • Planar sphere: Physical damage bonus
  • Link rope: Attack%
  • Speed
  • Attack%
  • Effect hit rate
  • Break effect

Luka’s best debuffer build uses the Good Night and Sleep Well light cone, a four-piece set of Prisoner in Deep Confinement, and two pieces of Space Sealing Station. Focus on buffing his attack, physical damage bonus, effect hit rate, and speed.

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How do I use Luka?

Luka is a four-star character who deals physical damage and walks the path of The Nihility. Characters from this path like Honkai Star Rail’s Sampo and Honkai Star Rail’s Welt excel at applying debuffs and dealing DoT, so Luka can inflict bleed on enemies.

His skill should be your highest priority to make the most of his bleed damage. Despite his plot role as a fighter, he’s not strong enough to be your main DPS. Instead, he excels as a debuff supporter alongside other strong characters.

What are the best light cones for Luka?

Even though four-star characters don’t typically get signature light cones, Luka does appear on one called Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat. It’s a decent four-star light cone for the path of Nihility, so it works for Luka, but it’s not his best in slot.

Instead, we recommend Good Night and Sleep Well. It’s also a four-star light cone but its skill specifically synergizes with Luka’s debuff application and damage over time. Eyes of the Prey is also a solid option that increases DoT and raises the likelihood of his debuffs sticking.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
Good Night and Sleep Well For every debuff the target enemy has, Luka’s damage dealt increases by 12%, stacking up to three times. This effect also applies to DoT Gacha
Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat When Luka hits an enemy and if the enemy is not already Ensnared, then there is a 60% base chance to Ensnare the target. Ensnared enemies’ defense decreases by 12% for one turn Gacha
Eyes of the Prey Increases Luka’s effect hit rate by 20% and increases DoT by 24% Gacha
Void At the start of battle, Luka’s effect hit rate increases by 20% for three turns Gacha

What are the best relics for Luka?

Due to its DoT effect, Prisoner in Deep Confinement is Luka’s new best-in-slot relic set, especially when paired with increased damage from his planar ornament set. If you’re after a set that’s a little easier to get, there’s only one relic set built specifically for physical damage dealers, and that’s Champion of Streetwise Boxing. Since all of his skills scale based on his attack, this set is pretty good for Luka’s kit, you unlock its calyx early on on your adventure, and you can even buy parts of the set in Belabog’s underworld.

As for his Planar Ornaments, Space Sealing Station is the best choice for Luka, especially if you can get a physical damage bonus on them. Firmament Frontline: Glamoth is a good option as well if you’re consistently clearing World 8 of the Simulated Universe as its attack buff is strictly better than Space Sealing Station’s stat line. The added attack requires slightly higher speed from Luka, so make sure you’re rolling for speed on your other relics.

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Prisoner in Deep Confinement Two equipped: increases attack by 12%
Four equipped: for every DoT the target enemy is afflicted with, Luka ignores 6% of its defense when dealing damage to it. This effect is valid for a max of three DoTs
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Darkness in Fyxestroll Garden, Xianzhou Luofu
Champion of Streetwise Boxing Two equipped: increases physical damage by 10%
Four equipped: after Luka attacks or is hit by an enemy, his attack increases by 5% for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack up to five times
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Jabbing Punch in Jarilo-VI’s Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, or from the shop in Boulder Town
Musketeer of Wild Wheat Two equipped: increases attack by 12%
Four equipped: increases Luka’s speed by 6% and his basic attack damage by 10%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting in Jarilo-VI’s Corridor of Fading Echoes

Planar ornaments

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Space Sealing Station Two equipped: increases Luka’s attack by 12%. When his speed reaches 120 or higher, Luka’s attack increases by another 12% Immersion Reward devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Firmament Frontline: Glamoth Two equipped: increases Luka’s attack by 12%. When his speed is equal to or higher than 135/160, Luka deals 12%/18% more damage Immersion Reward devices in World 8 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

Main stats:

  • Body: Attack%
  • Feet: Speed or attack%
  • Planar sphere: Physical damage bonus
  • Link rope: Attack%


  • Speed
  • Attack%
  • Effect hit rate
  • Break effect

Honkai Star Rail's Luka, in-game, standing in front of a grey wall in Belobog.

What are the best Luka team comps?

Thanks to his focus on DoT, Luka pairs well with other characters who tread the path of the Nihility. Team him up with characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Kafka or Honkai Star Rail’s Sampo for type coverage and add your favorite healer to finish the team off!

Main DPS DPS DPS Healer
Kafka iconKafka Luka iconLuka Sampo iconSampo Flex healer
Main DPS DPS Support Healer
Kafka iconKafka Luka iconLuka Silver Wolf iconSilver Wolf Flex healer

What are Luka’s abilities?

Luka’s kit focuses on dealing physical damage to the enemy and inflicting bleed to deal powerful DoT.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Direct Punch Deals physical damage equal to 50% of Luka’s attack to a single enemy
Basic attack (enhanced): Sky-Shatter Fist Consumes two stacks of Fighting Will. First, uses Direct Punch to deal three hits, with each hit dealing physical damage equal to 10% of Luka’s attack to a single enemy target.
Then, uses Rising Uppercut to deal one hit, dealing physical damage equal to 40% of Luka’s attack to the single enemy target
Skill: Lacerating Fist Deals physical damage equal to 60% of Luka’s attack to a single enemy target. In addition, there is a 100% base chance to inflict bleed on them, lasting for three turns.
While bleeding, the enemy takes 24% of their max HP as physical DoT at the start of each turn. This damage will not exceed more than 130% of Luka’s attack
Ultimate: Coup de Grâce Luka receives two stacks of Fighting Will, with a 100% base chance to increase a single enemy target’s damage received by 12% for three turns. Then, deals physical damage equal to 198% of Luka’s attack to the target

Passive skill:

Skill Effect
Talent: Flying Sparks After Luka uses his basic attack “Direct Punch” or skill “Lacerating Fist,” he receives one stack of Fighting Will, up to four stacks. When he has two or more stacks of Fighting Will, his basic attack “Direct Punch” is enhanced to “Sky-Shatter Fist.” After his enhanced basic attack’s “Rising Uppercut” hits a bleeding enemy target, the bleed status immediately deals damage equal to 68% of the original damage to the target. At the start of battle, Luka possesses one stack of Fighting Will


Technique Effect
Anticipator Immediately attacks the enemy. Upon entering battle, Luka deals physical damage equal to 50% of his attack to a random single enemy with a 100% base chance to inflict his skill’s bleed effect on the target. Then, Luka gains one additional stack of Fighting Will


Trace Effect
Kinetic Overload When Luka uses his skill, immediately dispels one buff from the enemy target
Crush Fighting Will When using his enhanced basic attack, every hit direct punch deals has a 50% fixed chance for Luka to use one additional hit. This effect does not apply to additional hits generated in this way
Cycle Braking For every stack of Fighting Will obtained, additionally regenerates three energy

What are Luka’s eidolons?

You unlock extra buffs for Luka called eidolons by pulling duplicates of him on a banner or unlocking him through an event. Here’s what they all do:

Eidolon Effect
One –
Fighting Endlessly
When Luka takes action, if the target enemy is bleeding, increases Luka’s damage dealt by 15% for two turns
Two – The Enemy is Weak, I am Strong If Luka’s skill hits an enemy target with physical weakness, he gains one stack of Fighting Will
Three – Born for the Ring Increases Luka’s skill level by two, up to a maximum of 15, and his talent level by two, up to a maximum of 15
Four – Never Turning Back For every stack of Fighting Will obtained, increases attack by 5%, stacking up to four times
Five – The Spirit of Wildfire Increases Luka’s ultimate level by two, up to a maximum of 15, and his basic attack level by one, up to a maximum of ten
Six – A Champion’s Applause After the enhanced basic attack’s “Rising Uppercut” hits a bleeding enemy target, the bleed status immediately deals damage equal to 8% of the original damage for every hit of Direct Punch already unleashed during the current enhanced basic attack

Honkai Star Rail's Luka charging up his robot arm for a punch.

What are Luka’s ascension materials?

To level Luka all the way up to 80, you’ll need a range of unique items as well as level-up books to get him there. You can farm ancient parts, spindles, and engines from automaton enemies in the robot settlement, Great Mine, and the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe. You can also purchase them from the undying ember exchange, earn them through assignments, and craft them using the omni-synthesizer.

For Luka’s other ascension material, the broken teeth of iron wolf, you’ll need to defeat the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadow in the Great Mine. If you’ve got the materials to spare, you can also craft some in the omni-synthesizer.

Required level Credits Materials
20 3.2k Four ancient part
30 6.4k Eight ancient part
40 12.8k Two broken teeth of iron wolf and five ancient spindle
50 32k Five broken teeth of iron wolf and eight ancient spindle
60 64k 15 broken teeth of iron wolf and five ancient engine
70 128k 28 broken teeth of iron wolf and seven ancient engine

What are Luka’s trace materials?

Here are all the materials you need to completely max out Luka’s attacks and bonus abilities:

  • 12 obsidian of dread, 54 obsidian of desolation, and 105 obsidian of desolation
    • Obtain from Bud of Nihility crimson calyx in the Great Mine, synthesis, the embers exchange, and Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI world shops
  • 28 ancient parts, 42 ancient spindles, and 42 ancient engines
    • Obtain from automaton enemies, simulated universe enemies, synthesis, the embers exchange, rewards, and the Jarilo-VI world shop
  • 12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
    • Obtain from the Divine Seed echo of war in Scalegorge Waterscape, Xianzhou Luofu
  • Five tracks of destiny
    • Obtain from events, simulated universe rewards, the embers exchange, and nameless honor
  • 2.4 million credits

Skill trace priority:

  • Skill > Ultimate = Talent > Basic attack

Major trace priority

  • Cycle Breaking > Kinetic Overload > Crush Fighting Will

That’s everything we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Luka at the moment. While we wait for more info on this fiery-haired fighter, head over to our Genshin Impact codes page and Genshin Impact tier list to help you get ahead in Teyvat. We’ve also got build guides for characters like Genshin Impact’s Sayu, Genshin Impact’s Amber, and Genshin Impact’s Keqing.