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How to gift special brix in Brixity

If you want to reap all the rewards, you need to know how to gift special brix in Brixity to other players. Here’s how you can do just that in the game.

Lots of characters gathered around special brix in brixity

This brand-new city builder with cute, cubic graphics and plenty of things to do has left some of you wondering how to gift special brix in Brixity, as the answer is not as obvious as you hope. Not to worry, we’ve got our cuboid heads wrapped around the situation and explain it down below.

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How to gift special brix in Brixity

Gifting special brix comes up as part of the launch celebration events, found in the events tab in Brixity. The ‘Together in Brixity!’ event has you completing tasks like sharing and liking blueprints to get coins and crystals as rewards.

One of these tasks is to ‘gift special brix’ to another player, and it can be confusing if you don’t know your way around the social side of Brixity. In order to give any other player special brix you collect, you first need to add or search for other players and get them on your friend’s list. Then, you can visit their cities.

The only issue here is that you can’t easily just find other cities to go to, unlike some other city builders where you have a list of players. You do need to search for an exact username in order to find players to visit in Brixity.

Once you’ve added a friend, you just need to follow these steps to send a special brix:

  • Open Brixity
  • Click the social tab in the bottom right
  • Head to the following tab, or search for a player ID, and then click their profile
  • Choose to visit their town
  • Once there, you can click any of the gift-box-shaped icons and gift any matching special brix you own

And there you go – your help is passed to other players.

How to give special brix in brixity to other players

What are special brix in Brixity?

Brix are the items you use to build each building, and special brix are extra good ones that provide benefits to the constructs they’re used in. They’re also giftable to other players to help them out as they expand their city with more locations.

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