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King Arthur Legends Rise tier list

Our King Arthur Legends Rise tier list can help you plan your party if you’re heading into the medieval RPG on mobile any time soon.

King Arthur Legends Rise tier list: a group of heroes holding weapons against a dark sky

We may not be able to pull a sword from a stone, but we can make a cracking King Arthur Legends Rise tier list for your perusal. While the game is currently in beta phase, some heroes have been testing their mettle using the available units, so we’ve formulated a tier list to show the best ones off.

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Gather your sword and head into our King Arthur Legends tier list.

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King Arthur Legends tier list

Ahead of the full release, here are the community’s rankings for characters available in the game. Once we’re in and battling our lives away, we’ll check our ranking and tweak any if needs be.

Rank Hero
S Arthur, Guinevere, Gawain, Lot, Claudas
A Morgan, Bedivere, Merlin, Sigrun, Gillien, Baudwin, Anguish, Frederic, Tarzhaden, Aine, Gafrede
B Tristan, Clarisin, Lancelot, Kay, Bors, Ban, Sarah, Gareth, Nicholas, Accolon, Turin, Cormac, Isolde, Argus, Amelia, Bohort, Ardoin, Joseph, Anguish, Accolon, Fredric, Killian, Andrew, Rollo, Kian, Andres, Cecil, Rosier, Kyrddin
C Alan, Ralph, Clementine, Hector, Uriens, Jack, Kenneth, Luke, Djerit, Ted, Callieach, Trygve, Bulk, Argus, Beborne, Hector, Douglas, Lionel, Jack, Leppaludy, Cayley, Gwynn, Jan, Alan, Finn

How do I perform a King Arthur Legends Rise reroll?

If you’re unhappy with your characters, you can reroll your account and restart it. To do this, follow these steps. Note that if you’re likely to reroll, start the game as a guest – don’t log in with Google accounts.

  • Exit the game
  • Head to the game’s settings on your device
  • Clear the cache
  • Re-open the game

Then, you should be in a new guest account where you can start over.

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