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The best Kingdom Hearts merch

Our list of Kingdom Hearts merch is full of exciting toys, plushies, and t-shirts only the most heartless of nobodies could say no to

Custom image of Sora's Funko Pop head for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

If you’re looking for Kingdom Hearts merch, you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet to find all the best toys, figures, and plushies for your collection of merchandise from the Square and Disney crossover series. All you need to do is decide on your budget. Good luck with that.

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So, let’s get into our list of the best Kingdom Hearts merch.

Image of Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi for Kingdom Hearts merch guide


What could be better than a regular Tamagotchi? A Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi, of course! You can raise Goofy, Donald, and other franchise favourites with plenty of activities to get up to. There’s even a coliseum, so you can test the strength of your digital pet against some of the most memorable battles from the series on the tiny screen.

Image of heartless plush for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Heartless shadow plush

Kingdom Hearts’ heartless aren’t really thought of as adorable creatures, but this plush might change your mind. With its classic curled antenna, this shadow is a perfect sleepytime companion for the Kingdom Hearts fan in your life and is more likely to fill your heart than it is to destroy it.

Image of keyblade for Kingdom Hearts merch guide


I don’t really need to explain this one. For anyone who wants to pull off a proper Sora cosplay, or just likes the idea of a keyblade hanging around in case the heartless show up, you can put this legendary weapon on your mantelpiece. It even has the Mickey chain!

A Kingdom Hearts clock for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Sora clock

With this snazzy clock, it’s always Kingdom Hearts time. Sure, it’s not official, but with Sora standing in his iconic pose, there’s no chance anyone can mistake what your favourite gaming series might be.

Image of Kingdom Hearts music box for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Music box

If you’re looking for a Kingdom Hearts gift for someone else, this music box is a perfect choice. Inside the quaint wooden design adorned with the franchise logo, you can find a crank that plays the main Kingdom Hearts theme over and over again. It really is a sweet little thing, guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any wannabe Sora.

Funko Pop Sora for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Funko Pops

There are loads of Kingdom Hearts Funko Pops for you to choose from, including all the fan-favourite characters from the series. King Mickey is my personal favourite, complete with the black attire that makes him look like a big My Chemical Romance fan. The only downside to this one is that just one figure isn’t enough, so you better prepare some shelf space for a bunch of Funk Pops.

A Donald Duck figure for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Donald Duck figure

Sora needs Donald by his side, so it makes sense why you might want your own feathered friend to keep you safe. Better still, this Donald figure is mid-pose, looking like he’s celebrating a victory in battle. There’s nothing we love more than a happy duck.

Image of KH Rubik's Cube for Kingdom Hearts merch guide

Rubik’s Cube

There might not be a Kingdom Hearts puzzle game, but there is a Kingdom Hearts Rubik’s Cube. With Sora, Donald, and other series characters across each side of the cube, this is a great gift for any fan of the series.

There you have it, our list of Kingdom Hearts merch. For more collectables, check out our Mario figure, Kirby plush, and FNAF plush guides.