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Kingdom Hearts heartless

Our guide to Kingdom Hearts’ heartless has everything you need to know about the series’ recurring minions that make life difficult for Sora

Custom cover image for Kingdom Hearts heartless guide with two shadows

Kingdom Hearts’ heartless are everywhere. The little blighters pop up throughout all four mainline Kingdom Hearts games, plus the spin-offs, in their incessant mission to stop Sora in his tracks. Fortunately, the evil apparitions don’t take much warding off with the keyblade in hand, but we’ve put this guide together so you can go into the Disney and Square shared universe ready to rip through hundreds of the hollow beings.

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What are Kingdom Hearts heartless?

Kingdom Hearts’ heartless are the in-game universe’s defacto minion, popping up in nearly every level to keep you on your toes as you progress. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the lore explanation for these little beasties is that they’re the manifestation of the evil in the hearts of humans, and I would suppose dogs, mice, and ducks too. When malevolent forces take control of the heart and create a heartless, it leaves behind a nobody, with only the strongest able to survive without their heart.

Donald arguing with Sora's heartless for Kingdom Hearts heartless guide

There are technically two kinds of heartless throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, which does complicate things a little. Pureblood heartless are those that manifest from the darkness in the hearts of beings, while a machine creates emblem heartless thanks to the evil machinations of inventor Xehanort. You mainly encounter the pureblood variety, with emblem heartless not popping up until later in the story. Either way, both types of heartless are out to get Sora, and it’s your job to slice at them through multiple worlds of Disney magic.

How many Kindom Hearts heartless are there?

While there are two variations of Kingdom Hearts’ heartless types, you can find hundreds of different designs for the minions in-game, varying in strength and size. From the little shadows you see in most levels, all the way up to Ansem, the strongest of them all, the heartless are a diverse creed. Other notable heartless include Darkside from the original Kingdom Hearts, as well as Shadow Stalker and Prison Keeper from KH2.

How strong are Kingdom Hearts’ heartless?

Besides a few major exceptions, including the previously mentioned Ansem, most heartless are minions and aren’t that strong, they just tend to get in the way of Sora during his quest. Essentially, regular heartless like shadows and neoshadows are to Kingdom Hearts what goombas are to the Mario series, a lesser enemy to keep stages interesting between big battles. There’s the occasional heartless boss battle, but the game saves most of its epic showdowns for either nobodies or Disney villains.

Screenshot of Ansem, the strongest of the Kingdom Hearts heartless

What games do Kingdom Hearts’ heartless appear in?

As the main antagonistic group, Kingdom Hearts’ heartless are in every game, through multiple forms and machinations of the evil forces are behind the scenes. As mindless minions, intelligent villains like Maleficent and Organization XIII use the heartless over and over again throughout the series to try and stop Sora and his Disney pals from saving the world, with the smaller enemies having little will of their own to stop the endless battle.

Kingdom Hearts’ heartless logo

One of the most iconic symbols from the Kingdom Hearts series is the heartless’ logo, with its classic black and red design. The emblem is heart-shaped, with barbs through the centre to show the evil affliction of the heartless.

Kingdom Hearts heartless logo

Kingdom Hearts’ heartless Sora

KH1 spoiler alert: At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game, Sora becomes heartless after saving Kairi’s life. Unlike other heartless, Sora somehow manages to retain his memories and emotions after the change. Thanks to the feeling still in heartless Sora, Kairi returns his favour by embracing him and returning our hero to human form.

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