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Madtale tier list and reroll guide

Check out our magical Madtale tier list to see which heroes are the best, and which you should invest your time into in the mobile game.

Madtale tier list: two princesses holding giant swords

Wondering which mythical damsels and dukes to prioritize? Our Madtale tier list is here to help as we rank each and every character in the mobile game focused on fairy tales, myths, legends, and more. Make a team of Puss in Boots and his friends, or storm the land as Ali Baba as you try to find Mary’s missing grandma.

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Let’s wander into the Madtale tier list.

Madtale tier list

Here are the collective community rankings on each hero in Madtale. These are subject to change, and also subject to your own preference, of course.

Rank Hero
S Abdullah, Mercury, Morgiana, Puss in Boots, Rilla Reed, Veronica
A Abigail, Ali Baba, Anneta Borun, Archie, Barbarloya, Coad Core Bonar, Cynthia, Gruul Lydon, Romanov
B Arnell Reed, Cassim, Lorin, Maria Lohr, Mary Perlo, Prabhu Phil
C Anna, Arden, Aziz, Capet Augu, Chris, Claire, Cuipa, Ena, Halvar, Laura Cole, Mavis, Renard Panni, Tempranillo, Tybalt
D Alicia Lohr, Elena Cody, Eno Gaia, Gatrell, Kathy Keller, Leo, Myers, Sebastian, Sheitan, Stan Wall, Vanessa, Verlios Pilt
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How do I perform a Madtale reroll?

If you’re interested in getting the best characters you can, then follow these steps. Complete levels two to seven, after which you receive a free ten pull for characters. During the levels, you also get diamonds, which you can spend to roll for characters, too. If you find that you haven’t got a character you like, you can reroll your account.

Madtale doesn’t have any sign-in options other than a guest account at first, so all you need to do is close the game, clear the cache and data, or uninstall and reinstall the app, then head back in and start again. Then, you can roll for more characters and hopefully get a better pick.

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