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All the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around rewards and milestones

Our guide to the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event has all you need to know to pick up some festive freebies this holiday season.

Screenshot of in-game title for Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event with the Monopoly Man dressed up as Santa Claus

It’s time to get into the spirit of the holidays in Scopely’s mobile board game adaptation with the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event. There’s plenty up for grabs, including sticker packs, in-game cash, dice rolls, and boosts, leaving you with plenty of resources to spend spreading festive cheer by building more hotels while demolishing your opponents. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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What is the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event?

The Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event lets you pick up some in-game resources by playing as you normally would. You earn points each time you land on Go, Free Parking, Go to Jail, and Jail/Just Visiting tiles, and the more points you get, the more prizes you pick up. If you have plenty of dice, you can earn points even quicker using a multiplier. Considering there are over 14,000 dice up for grabs, it’s worth spending what you have to make it all back and more.

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All the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around rewards

For a list of all the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around rewards and milestones, see the table below. There are 49 levels to complete, with a big prize up for grabs if you can make it all the way to the end.

Monopoly Go Gifts All Around task level Points needed Reward
One Five 15 free dice
Two Five Seven Peg-E chips
Three Ten Money
Four Ten Green sticker pack
Five 65 100 free dice
Six 15 Ten Peg-E chips
Seven 20 Money
Eight 20 Green sticker pack
Nine 25 Money
Ten 180 225 free dice
11 25 15 Peg-E chips
12 30 Ten-mins of Cash Grab
13 35 Green sticker pack
14 40 20 Peg-E chips
15 350 400 free dice
16 45 Money
17 60 Yellow sticker pack
18 100 Money
19 70 35 Peg-E chips
20 700 725 free dice
21 80 Money
22 100 Pink sticker pack
23 110 55 Peg-E chips
24 120 Money
25 1.3k 1.2k dice
26 130 15-mins of High Roller
27 140 Money
28 150 85 Peg-E chips
29 160 Pink sticker pack
30 1k Money
31 175 160 free dice
32 250 Money
33 300 Blue sticker pack
34 280 105 Peg-E chips
35 2k 1.7k dice
36 400 15-mins of Cash Grab
37 600 Blue sticker pack
38 700 500 free dice
39 800 135 Peg-E chips
40 3k 2.5k dice
41 900 Purple sticker pack
42 1k 25-mins of Rent Frenzy
43 1.1k 170 Peg-E chips
44 1.2k 900 dice
45 2.5k Money
46 1.2k 210 Peg-E chips
47 1.4k Purple sticker pack
48 1.5k Money
49 6k 6.5k dice and purple sticker pack

When does the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event end?

The Monopoly Go Gifts All Around event ends on December 27. So, if you want to grab some in-game freebies, there’s no time to waste. Still, don’t be disheartened if you miss out, as Monopoly Go events are fairly frequent, and you’ll get another chance to earn some stickers and free dice before long.

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