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Mystic Messenger 707 walkthrough and endings

Hack your way to Mystic Messenger 707’s heart by following our comprehensive guide on how to unlock all of his many story endings.

Mystic Messenger's 707 outlined in white and pasted on a mango PT background that compliments his red hair and yellow jacket accents

Mystic Messenger’s 707 is one of the game’s more complex characters whose true personality and backstory only come to light during the deep story mode. If you’ve had your fill of the casual story but you’re struggling to get on 707’s route, this guide will walk you through the steps needed for every single ending.

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Here’s everything you need to know to romance Mystic Messenger’s 707.

Mystic Messenger's 707 in the opening video wearing a khaki shirt and sunglasses

Who is Mystic Messenger’s 707?

707, otherwise known as Saeyoung ‘Luciel’ Choi, is a hacker with a happy-go-lucky, prankster attitude. At least, that’s what he wants you to think. Seven, as he’s often called, actually has a much deeper character than you might think.

Playing through his route in deep story mode lets you see the other side of Seven and you learn that his class clown persona is just a front. His past life and his job make him afraid to get close to people, worrying that he’ll put them in danger. Seven’s Catholic faith and values also influence his personality and story.

707 has short, messy red hair and wears large tortoiseshell glasses. He usually wears a black and yellow zip-up hoodie over a red t-shirt, with headphones and a crucifix necklace around his neck.

How many endings does 707 have?

As one of Mystic Messenger’s deep story characters, 707 has a total of nine unique endings. There’s the normal ending, the good ending, three bad story endings, two bad relationship endings, and two secret endings that dive further into the overarching plot.

How do I get every 707 ending?

If you want to experience all of 707’s endings, we highly recommend that you play through the casual story first, as the deep story is full of spoilers and extra information that won’t make sense without context. 

Done that? Okay, the first thing you need to do is get on 707’s route by the end of day four by interacting with him and giving him hearts. You can also unlock useful Mystic Messenger emails during this step that you’ll need for the normal ending. Keep reading to learn the specific steps for each ending.

Mystic Messenger 707's birthday artwork featuring him eating cake cheekily by some balloons

Normal ending

To unlock Seven’s normal ending, you simply need to reach the party with anywhere between zero and nine opened RSVP emails from guests. If you’re on his route and achieve this, 707’s normal ending is yours.

Good ending

Similarly, you get Seven’s good ending by collecting ten or more opened RSVP emails before the party. That’s why getting emails early on in days one to four is useful while securing 707’s route.

Bad story ending one

Both the regular bad endings and the bad relationship endings depend on your behavior at certain branching points in the game’s story, which takes place over ten days. You unlock 707’s first bad ending by answering incorrectly between days four and seven. This basically means you need to blame the security issues that are occurring on Seven.

Bad story ending two

For the second bad story ending, you need to answer correctly up until the day seven branch and then pivot to incorrect responses by continuing to flirt with 707 despite his drastic change in personality.

Mystic Messenger's 707 as a child with his twin brother measuring him against a wall

Bad story ending three

You unlock 707’s third bad story ending by making it to day nine with correct answers and then pulling a 180 before day ten. This means siding with Saeran and insisting on attending the party.

Bad relationship ending one

Bad relationship endings have less to do with correct and incorrect chat answers and are more about who you spend time with. For the first bad relationship ending, get onto 707’s route and then do either of the following between days five and seven:

  • Win more hearts with a different character than Seven
  • Score 30% or less on chat participation with 707

Bad relationship ending two

This ending has the same requirements as above, but you must make it to the day nine branch, and you can only pivot to someone else or stop talking to 707 between day seven and ten.

Secret ending one

All you need to do to unlock the first secret ending is achieve 707’s good ending. You will need 210 hourglasses to unlock each of the ending’s seven episodes.

Secret ending two

As a direct sequel to secret ending one, the second secret ending automatically unlocks once you complete the first. You’ll need another 210 hourglasses to unlock all seven episodes and complete the story.

There we have it, a complete guide to Mystic Messenger’s 707 and his mysterious storyline. If you’re still in the market for pretty anime boys, check out our guides to Love and Deepspace banners, Genshin Impact tier list, and Wuthering Waves characters next.