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Is there a new Batman game in 2024?

We all want a new Batman game, so let’s take a look at when we might expect the next one and what platforms it’s likely to come to.

New Batman game: Screenshot from Arkham Asylum with Batman stood in front of it

Who doesn’t want a new Batman game? Superhero and DC fans are always in for a treat when the Dark Knight embarks on another adventure, with the Arkham series heralded as one of the best videogame collections out there, a sentiment I very much share as a huge Batman fan. Though, admittedly, it’s more that I have an infatuation with the villains (Harley is my queen), but that doesn’t mean Bats isn’t fun to play as.

In fact, I have a lot of fond memories of the Batman games on Switch and mobile, especially the aforementioned Arkham series, of which Asylum is the best, and I’ll take no questions about it at this time. Some of the best Lego games even involve the Caped Crusader, he’s everywhere you look. Admittedly, as with most DC games, Batman’s adventures are pretty dark. If it’s charm and humor that you want, perhaps the Marvel games are more your speed.

Is there a new Batman game in 2024?

Considering it’s Rocksteady who looks after the Dark Knight’s videogame outings, it feels safe to assume that Bats isn’t getting a new game this year, as all focus is on Kill the Justice League. Yes, we know that Bats is in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but it’s no secret that he’s not the star of the show – Harley, Boomer, King Shark, and Deadshot make sure of that.

Sure, new announcements happen all the time, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out in case Batman is ready to play hero once more, though he’s very much dead in Suicide Squad, so who knows how his next outing will play out.

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New Batman game platforms

If we look at the platforms of previous Batman games, the chances are new entries will be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, with the possibility of the Nintendo Switch 2 (assuming we don’t get a surprise before the release of Nintendo’s next console). I say possibility, as the Arkham games only landed on Nintendo Switch in 2023, years after the conclusion of the series in 2015 with Arkham Knight. So, while the next Batman game may appear on the Switch 2, it might be some time after its initial release – only time will tell.

What will the new Batman game be like?

With no concrete confirmation of a new Batman game, it’s hard to nail down exactly what the game will be like, but considering his other appearances, I can make some solid guesses. For starters, I have no doubt that there’ll be plenty of cool gadgets to make use of, as what is Bruce Wayne without his extravagant and eccentric toys? Going hand in hand with that is the combat. There’s no way you can have a Batman game without him bashing a few skulls. As is the norm, the combat is likely to center on combos and just mashing the hit button over and over again.

Location-wise, we all know it’ll be in Gotham City unless it’s a Justice League game that Bats next appears in, taking him away from his hometown. As for gameplay, I imagine exploration will once again play a part, as we’ll probably get to reexplore Gotham while embracing the various detective elements of previous games.

New Batman game release date speculation

To be blunt, there’s no way to determine when we’ll see the release of a new Batman game. I can’t even hazard a guess at a potential year, but as soon as there’s more information to share it’ll appear in this guide.

That’s everything we can tell you about a possible new Batman game. We also have our eyes peeled for information about the new FNAF game and the new Resident Evil game. For more superhero fun, swing by our list of the best Spider-Man games on Switch and mobile.