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Is there a new Resident Evil game in 2024?

New Resident Evil games are inevitable, and as huge horror fans we can’t help but dive into what we might see from the next RE game.

New Resident Evil: Leon Kennedy stood in his brown Jacket, holding a gun, stood in front of key art for Resident Evil 2 featuring zombies

Is there a New Resident Evil game? The idea of a new Resident Evil fills me with joy, even if I have no idea when the next Resident Evil game is due. Even after more than 30 years, Capcom’s survival horror franchise continues to captivate audiences, boasting eight numbered main entries in the videogame series, with a further four mainline games and a whole heap of spin-offs amounting to 29 entries altogether.

With that many games, it’s easy to lose track of canon events, so make sure you read our Resident Evil in order guide to discover when each part of the story unravels. We can also tell you all about the Resident Evil characters and Resident Evil Village characters, with an in-depth look at them in their own individual guides, such as our Resident Evil Leon, Resident Evil Claire, Resident Evil Jill, and Resident Evil Chris articles.

Let’s look at when we might get a new Resident Evil.

Is there a new Resident Evil game in 2024?

There isn’t a new Resident Evil game in 2024, that we know of, but Capcom did confirm that the next Resident Evil game is in the works during its Capcom Next summer 2024 stream. Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi is at the helm, stating during the showcase that “we’re making a new Resident Evil.”

He continues, “It was really difficult to figure out what to do after 7. But I found it, and to be honest, it feels substantial. I can’t share any details just yet, but I hope you’re excited for the day I can.”Beyond that, earlier this year, reputable leaker DuskGolem claims that there are five Resident Evil projects in the works, with Reddit user KekanKok sharing their comments.

According to DuskGolem, one of the upcoming projects is Resident Evil 9, but they didn’t divulge what the other four games might be. However, they did state that while they’re “really excited” about one of these projects, it’s unlikely to release anytime soon. DuskGolem claims it won’t be out until late 2026 or early 2027. As such, they won’t divulge any information about it now.

In recent years, Capcom has revived Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 4 in the form of remakes, so if that pattern is to continue, it’s not outside of the realms of possibility that we’ll get a Resident Evil 5 Remake or Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake. Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 are also candidates for a remake, so I certainly can’t wait to see what Resident Evil game we get next.

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What will the next Resident Evil game be like?

Now that’s a loaded question, mainly because we don’t know for sure what the next Resident Evil game is. Should it be a Resident Evil 5 Remake, it will be full of action, and the same is true for a Resident Evil 6 remake. However, if the next game we get is RE9 (highly unlikely, in my opinion), it’s very likely that while it will feature guns, it’ll lean more into its horror elements, just like in RE7, RE8, and the original games.

The most exciting thing about RE9 is that we truly have no idea who the protagonist is. It might be an existing character or take us on a fresh adventure with someone new, just like RE7 and Village did with the Winters family. I have to admit that as much as I love Jill, Claire, Chris, and the old crew, it was a breath of fresh air to play as a family man with no special training.

Guns, carnage, and a virus of some kind are the only things we can guarantee when it comes to Resident Evil. I have to admit, I am a sucker for Resident Evil Revelations and would love to see a third one, so I certainly wouldn’t mind if the next Resident Evil game adopts an episodic approach.

Is there a new Resident Evil game release date?

No, it’s pretty hard to have a release date for an unannounced game. However, while DuskGolem claims one of the projects isn’t coming out until at least the end of 2026, we doubt that’s the next Resident Evil game. There’s usually one to two years between the releases of major Resident Evil games, with Village coming out in 2021 and the Resident Evil 4 Remake in 2023, so we suspect we’ll get news on a new game at some point this year, with a release set for 2025.

And that concludes everything we know about a new Resident Evil game. Make sure you check out our horror games and zombie games guides to experience more terror.