Outerplane release date, beta, and more

Get ready for an adventure on a new plane, as we sail past the the anime-style 3D turn-based RPG Outerplane's release date and get it downloaded.

Outerplane release date - Outerplane characters K, Eva, and Stella posing together

Get ready to set out on an epic, anime-style adventure on a plane far, far away, as it looks like the long-awaited Outerplane release date is finally drawing nearer. Smilegate’s upcoming 3D turn-based RPG recently saw a successful closed beta period on both Android and iOS, leaving us eagerly awaiting our chance to dive into this fantastic fantasy world.

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When is the Outerplane release date?

Outerplane is now available worldwide, after completing a beta earlier this year. Download it from the App Store and Google Play to get in on the action.

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Is there an Outerplane trailer?

You can check out the Outerplane CBT preview trailer above to get a peak at those awesome anime visuals ahead of the game’s release. You can also keep an eye on the Outerplane Youtube channel for any future content.

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