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Pokémon Go Mewtwo best moveset, counters, and weaknesses

If you’re looking to snag your own Mewtwo in Pokémon Go look no further. Find out its best movesets, stats, and more with our full guide.

Pokemon GO Mewtwo: key art shows the psychic Pokemon Mewtwo stood against the Pokemon Go background

With its strong psychic abilities, Mewtwo has the potential to be a massive asset to your team – or a powerful foe. Our Pokémon Go Mewtwo guide will tell you everything you need to know about this legendary critter, including its strengths, weaknesses, possible moves, and counters, along with how you can defeat it in a raid.

If you want to catch Mewtwo’s smaller, cuddlier form, you can check out our Pokémon Go Mew guide. We also have a Pokémon Go raids guide if you’re waiting for the opportunity to snag yourself your own Mewtwo, and a Pokémon Go codes list so you can grab some goodies along the way.

What are Pokémon Go Mewtwo’s stats? 

Depending on whether you’re going up against Mewtwo in a raid or snapping it up in a pokéball, this gen 1 Pokémon can have different CP levels. Mewtwo also benefits from a windy weather buff which will significantly increase its CP, so keep that in mind.

  • Max raid boss CP – 54,148
  • Max CP when catching Mewtwo – 2,387
  • Max CP when catching Mewtwo with windy weather buff – 2,984

Pokemon Go's Mewtwo against a blue background

What are Pokémon Go Mewtwo’s moves? 

Mewtwo can learn a variety of moves in Pokémon Go. Some of its possible charged moves can only be obtained in specific ways, such as ones that require an elite TM to unlock.

Fast moves

  • Psycho cut (psychic)
  • Confusion (psychic)

Charged moves

  • Flamethrower (fire)
  • Focus blast (fighting)
  • Ice beam (ice)
  • Psychic (psychic)
  • Thunderbolt (electric)
  • Shadow ball (ghost, elite TM)
  • Hyper beam (normal, elite TM)
  • Psystrike (psychic, elite TM)
  • Frustration (normal, shadow)
  • Return (normal, purified)

What is Pokémon Go Mewtwo’s best moveset? 

Here are two of the best movesets. If you can get your paws on an elite TM, the first is the best option, but if not, the second is still a strong choice.

Option one

Move type Move name
Fast move Confusion
Charged move Psystrike (elite TM)

Option two

Move type Move name
Fast move Confusion
Charged move Psychic

How do I get an Elite TM in Pokémon Go?

You will sometimes receive elite TMs by completing timed research during events. You can also purchase community day bundles from the shop, which will often contain elite TMs but cost real money.

Pokemon go mewtwo against a cityscape, with the game logo

What are Mewtwo’s weaknesses and resistances? 

Attacks that Mewtwo is weak to do 160% damage to it, while attacks it’s resistant to only do 64% damage.



What are the best Mewtwo counters? 

Here are some of the top picks if you want to go up against a Mewtwo.

Sprite Mewtwo counter Fast move Charged move
Mega Gengar Shadow claw Shadow ball
Mega Gyarados Bite Crunch
Mega Houndoom Snarl Foul play
Origin Giratina Shadow claw Shadow ball
Darkrai Snarl Shadow ball
Chandelure Hex Shadow ball
Mewtwo Psycho cut Shadow ball
Hydreigon Bite Dark pulse
Yveltal Snarl Dark pulse
Tyranitar Bite Crunch

How do I get Mewtwo in Pokémon Go?

The last time you could nab yourself a Mewtwo in Pokémon Go was March 31, 2024, by taking part in five-star Shadow Raids. We’re unsure when the psychic-type ‘mon will appear again, but check back here from time to time as we’ll update this guide as soon as we know.

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That’s everything you need to know about Pokémon Go’s Mewtwo. If you’re looking for other, similar games that will encourage you to get out in the fresh air, you can check out our list of the best games like Pokémon Go. We also have Pokémon Go events and Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guides, along with a full Pokédex.