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The best ping pong games in 2024

When it comes to ping pong games on Switch and mobile, there's something for everyone. From realistic table tennis sims, to ball-battering minigame madness.

Ping pong games: The brunette trainer girl from Desktop Table Tennis outlined in white and pasted on a bright pink PT background

Our list of the best ping pong games on Switch and mobile will have you handing out service aces like you’re Forrest Gump in his prime. From retro-inspired Sunday afternoon ping pong sims, to full-on online table tennis tournaments, we’ve included something for everyone, no matter your age or ability. 

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With that out of the way, it’s time to get into the action with our list of the best ping pong games on Switch and mobile. 

Cover art for Table Tennis Touch, one of the touch control ping pong games on mobile

Table Tennis Touch – mobile

If you’re looking for a ping pong game with responsive touch controls, Table Tennis Touch is the way to go. It’s the most expansive ping pong sim on mobile, with crisp graphics that might fool you into thinking you’re playing on console, a career mode that puts your touch table tennis skills to the test, and even local multiplayer for embarrassing your friends 11-to-nothing.

For a bit of free-to-play ping pong, our vote is always with Table Tennis Touch. 

Cover art for Desktop Table Tennis, one of the arcade-style ping pong games on Switch

Desktop Table Tennis – Switch

If you’ve read any of our sports-related lists before, like the best rugby games or the best bowling games, you’ll recognize the Desktop series.

Desktop Table Tennis is one of the activities most suited to a shrunk-down version, and there are a bunch of different ways to play with all of the customizable characters and courts featured across the game. The minigames are a blast too, especially if you need a little target practice training. 

Key art for I'm Ping Pong King, one of the casual ping pong games on mobile

I’m Ping Pong King 🙂 – mobile

For a casual game of table tennis that you can pick up on the go, you can’t go wrong picking up I’m Ping Pong King :). With easy-to-learn touch mechanics, a hilarious line-up of opponents, and a gameplay loop that keeps you coming back for more, you’ll be surprised how much this one will eat away at your spare time.

It’s a little no-frills when compared with some of the other titles in this list, but when it comes to I’m Ping Pong King :), less is definitely more. 

Ping Pong Arcade, one of the upcoming ping pong games on Switch

Ping Pong Arcade – Switch

Ping Pong Arcade is the premier 3D ping pong sim on Switch. Not only are the graphics enhanced compared to other table tennis titles, but there’s a litany of game customization options too, including a paddle bigger than your head.

Promising an online tournament mode as well, it looks like Ping Pong Arcade is going to be the standout title on this list. 

Key art for Ping Pong Fury, one of the better ping pong games for online pvp

Ping Pong Fury – mobile

The only option for online competitive table tennis, Ping Pong Fury is a masterclass in batting battles.

With sensitive real-time touch controls, a decent amount of shot options to keep your opponent on their toes, and a collection of vibrant digital stadiums to host the competition, it’s the closest you’re going to get to an online ping pong league.

Cover art for Lofi Ping Pong, one of the indie ping pong games on Switch

Lofi Ping Pong – Switch

A ping pong sim with a heavy helping of nostalgia, Lofi Ping Pong rolls back the years without sacrificing any mechanical depth. Don’t think that the retro looks mean having to go back to the clunky controls of yesteryear though, as Lofi Ping Pong controls just as well as any of the other games on this list. It just looks cooler doing it.

That’s not to mention how much cooler it sounds, thanks to the cozy lofi hip-hop soundtrack playing under the pops of the ping pong balls. 

Ping pong games: A screenshot from qomp 2

qomp 2 – Switch

Atari’s artful reimagining of the classic ping pong arcade game Pong, qomp, gets a sequel for the Nintendo Switch! Discover life outside of the two paddles and go on a journey of doubt, fear, and self-acceptance all told without a word.

Engage in cerebral puzzling in this retro-inspired adventure, making use of the simple two-button controls and groovy soundscape.

There you have it, that’s our list of the best ping pong games, or table tennis games, on Switch and mobile. If you prefer to beat it with a bigger bat, why not take a browse of our picks for the best baseball games on Switch and mobile.