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Here’s what we want from Pokémon Day 2024

It’s Pokémon Day and that means it’s time for a Pokémon Presents, so let’s take a look at what the Pocket Tactics team would like to see.

Pokemon Day predictions - Connor, Ruby, Kayleigh, Holly, and Daz faces over different Pokemon characters with three lil mon and two huge ones in the background

The day is finally here. It’s Pokémon Day 2024, and we simply can’t wait to see what the Pokémon Presents has in store for us today. We’re quite a nerdy team here at Pocket Tactics, and it’d be pretty odd for all of us to work at a mobile and Switch website and not have a strong love for Pokémon. However, we’re at an impasse, for we can’t help but want to see different things from today’s showcase.

I’m sure all of you have some vastly different ideas on what you’d like to see, too. There are seven generations of Pokémon and a whole heap of spin-off games that deserve a shot at being on Nintendo Switch. Well, for the PT crew, we’re looking at gen 2 Pokémon, gen 3 Pokémon, gen 8 Pokémon (could be argued as gen 4 Pokémon), Mystery Dungeon, and one of us just has a cry for a solid Pokémon game in general – more on that in a bit.

Without further ado, here’s what the Pocket Tactics team would love to see from the Pokémon Presents in February 2024.

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Ruby – Pocket Tactics editor

For this Pokémon Day I hope we get the announcement of Pokémon Let’s Go Johto. I would love the chance to explore that region in co-op alongside an adorable Cyndaquil and with the modern quality of life improvements we saw in Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. The original game in this spin-off series is definitely easier than the mainline games and geared much more toward children, but I appreciate its slower pace and think Johto is the obvious next step for the franchise.

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Kayleigh – Pocket Tactics deputy editor

Pokémon Legends: Celebi. That’s it. That’s what I want. Pokémon Legends: Arceus feels like the start of something great, with its open world, crafting mechanics, and story. Though I don’t think it was a masterpiece, it laid the groundwork for one further down the line, and it could (or perhaps it’s better to say it should) be Pokémon Legends: Celebi.

Just imagine it: revisiting the Johto region (my personal favorite) in such a way, meeting new versions of some of your favorite Pokémon, embarking on a journey that involves the iconic legendaries, and further strengthening the crafting system, I just get so excited thinking about the possibilities. One look at our Pokémon Legends: Arceus review shows the potential.

Do it, Game Freak, give me Pokémon Legends: Celebi. If not, please give in to Ruby’s wants. I’ll settle for anything involving generation two at this point.

Pokemon Day 2024 predictions - Sobble crying on the grass in front of a pond

Holly – Pocket Tactics staff writer

All I want for Pokémon Day is a new game that doesn’t look bad and that runs well on Switch. Be that on the current model or held for the next console – the rumored Switch 2 – I don’t mind. After Legends: Arceus, I hoped that Game Freak would take all the feedback on board and improve the visuals of the next game. That, sadly, did not happen, and we got Scarlet and Violet, which had frankly astonishingly bad performance considering the size and prowess of Game Freak.

I don’t care where we go or what wacky Pokémon designs we get (though a region based on Australia would be awesome!) – I just want the game to run smoothly and not look like a project made in about two hours on a PC from 2005.

Pokemon Day 2024 predicitons - Pikachu and Eevee stood on a dirt road in front of a hut in the woods

Connor – Pocket Tactics staff writer

I know, almost everyone wants a main series game or another Legends spin-off, but hear me out. The Mystery Dungeon games are narratively some of the most engaging from the franchise and offer a way to experience the Pokémon world without trainers, gym leaders, or the elite four. All we’ve had from the series on Switch is a remaster, but I’m looking for a whole new adventure. It doesn’t seem likely, but a boy can dream.

Pokemon Day 2024 predictions - key box art for Ruby and Sapphire showing Groudon and Kyogre

Daz – Pocket Tactics staff writer

Every year we get further and further away from a new Nintendo device that lets me play my GBA cartridges, and the 3DS’s eShop closure makes it even harder to relive the memories of Pokémon’s earlier days. My first and favorite Pokémon game is Emerald, an incredible gen three adventure through Hoenn that hasn’t received a single remake or remaster since its launch.

I used to think that Pokémon would never arrive on Nintendo Switch Online, but since the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Stadium ports, I’m a little more hopeful that my beloved pixel adventure will come to the virtual console someday. Please, Game Freak, I need to experience the trumpets again!

So, what do you think? Will any of the PT crew be right? Or are we all destined for a bit of disappointment this Pokémon Day? Either way, let us know what you want to see and whether or not you’re happy with what does appear during the showcase. If you’d like to celebrate with some freebies, check out our Pokémon Go codes guide, and maybe have a peek at our Pokémon Go raid and Pokémon Go event articles to be in the know about the latest in-game content.